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How Do I Take Care of My Nursing Scrubs?

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No matter the healthcare setting, nurses are constantly exposed to bodily fluids, toxic drugs, and chemicals. That’s why it’s important to wear the proper healthcare uniforms, like scrubs, to avoid contracting contagious diseases. Besides, no self-respecting nurse would wish to be seen in worn-out, faded, heavily stained scrubs.

And one of the challenges of being a nurse is to keep your scrubs looking new and clean. Thankfully, this posting explains how to take care of your nursing scrubs to ensure they look clean, crisp, and neatly pressed.

Purchase Higher-Quality Scrubs

Some nurses must wear specific colors, but you still want the most comfortable, stylish, and functional scrubs. Higher-quality scrubs maintain color, last longer, and hold up better to washing. This site offers men’s and women’s scrubs in various styles, colors, and prints that suit your needs. It would be best to purchase about two pairs. It’ll ensure one pair is available when the other is getting washed.

Separate Them

Separate your printed scrub tops and dark, white-colored scrubs tops. Pile the dark-colored scrubs like blacks, browns, and navies into the washer in one lot. You can mix red-colored scrubs with pink ones and light pastel colors with white ones. Use bleach to wash the white scrubs separately.

If you have a collection of other colors like turquoise, purples, and bright blues, ensure that the fabrics are colorfast and wash them together.

Prevent Color Bleeding

Sort out your scrubs, as explained above. Soak the clothes in cold water and add a cup of white vinegar. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and prevents color bleeding. You should avoid soaking bright or dark-colored scrubs in warm water. However, it’s advisable to pre-soak white scrubs in hot water.

Don’t Wash Them with Other Laundry

Avoid throwing your scrubs in with your sheets, towels, and other clothes. Always wash your medical scrubs separately by first disinfecting them. This will prevent hospital germs from contaminating your other clothes. It will also keep your scrubs from getting snagged or discolored by heavier clothing like jackets and jeans.

Tie Drawstrings Before Putting Them In Wash

Don’t pull the drawstring out of your scrub bottoms. Just tie the waist in a bow or knot before washing them. It’ll prevent the strings from discoloring or fraying when it tangles with the other laundry load.

Use a Higher-Quality Stain Remover

No matter the color or design, medical scrubs are exposed to unpleasant chemicals and blood. That’s why stains are inevitable for medical professionals. Failure to remove stains makes them appear unprofessional and unhygienic. So, use a color-safe stain remover like Amadox. It works on coffee, ink, grease, blood, and stains you might encounter at work. Read the label keenly and follow the instructions to avoid messing up your scrubs.

Wear Them When at Work Only

Ensure you get into your regular clothes before leaving. It’s better to wear your scrubs only during working hours. Moreover, change into your scrubs after reaching your changing room.

Store your scrubs carefully before leaving for the day. You can either put them in a separate drawer unit or hang them using a plastic garment bag until it’s time to wash them.

Give them a Thorough Inspection and Make Minor Repairs

Look for loose threads, lingering stains, or signs of damage before hanging or folding your clean scrubs. Repair small holes and snip away loose threads. Fixing minor issues prevents additional damage to your scrubs as it reduces the possibility of too much wear.

Don’t Spray Perfume Directly onto Your Scrubs

Avoid spraying perfumes directly onto your scrubs. The perfume can leave tough-to-wash-off stains on them. It would be best to spray on your undershirt or skin. Also avoid getting lotions on your scrubs to prevent ugly discolorations.

Sun Dry Them

Bright sunlight can help kill bacteria. So, line dry your scrubs or flat dry them on white sheets. Plus, avoid throwing your scrubs in a dryer; if you have to, use the lowest possible setting so that your scrubs don’t shrink.

Iron Them Regularly

Ensure your scrubs are ironed regularly! Ironing your nurse scrubs on the hot setting makes them look neat. It also helps kill remaining bacteria and germs.

It’s recommended to follow these tips to help keep your scrubs disinfected, clean, and reconditioned for your next shift.

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