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The Psychology of Betting: What Motivates Indian Bettors?

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Some people in the country are always used to thinking that betting on sports and gambling won’t lead to anything good. This is because the government always wants to fight them without giving any reason.

In reality, the successful experience of many players shows that this kind of activity is a great way to relax, develop your analytical data, as well as making real money. You should not listen to only one party that speaks negative aspects, it is worth to read and study the information. Particularly important data are the counter-arguments.

In addition a lot of studies have been conducted in all world universities. They have studied behavioural changes and how gambling and betting affects people. The following are some of the articles that will be presented below.

Before you start gambling, it is worth choosing a platform you can trust. That way you can get rid of identity theft and theft of your money. You should also pay attention to the way the operators protect your personal information and whether they have a licence to provide their services.

The 4Rabet Online is a great betting platform that is popular all over the country. They use it not only for betting but also for gambling.

Only honest and legal entertainment can be found here. The operators have an official licence from the government of Curacao. It is it that gives the right to conduct gambling business and regulates all internal matters.

Sports betting

4rabet offers a choice of sports which are popular all over the world and only in India. Unique entertainment like cyber sports betting can also be found here. They are perfect for the video game lovers who prefer not only to play or follow the tournaments but also to predict the final results. The eSports section offers options such as dota 2, valiant , cs:go , league of legends and many more.

Those who prefer traditional sports can choose:

  • Cricket is the most detailed sport in the country. At the moment we can make bets on IPL , Asian Cup , England – County Championship , World Cup ;
  • Betting on football – this sport is popular all over the world. That is why most of the tournaments on the platform are international. Bettors choose Europa League, France Ligue 1, Spain La Liga, England Championship, UEFA Championships and more;
  • Hockey – surprisingly, even this sport is popular in India. The current favourites are SHL Sweden, World Championships and National Hockey League;
  • Basketball betting is a great sport that offers betting on the Eurocup, the Euroleague, the National Basketball Association.

All other sports can be found on the official website of 4rabet India.

Bonus Program

The following is a description of the most popular bonuses that are available to all players:

  • Welcome betting bonuses- get 600 per cent on up to Rs 60,000 when you make your first 4 deposits over Rs 100. Wagering requirements are 10x;
  • Barron’s Sports – 120 per cent VIP bonuses per deposit . Minimum deposit of Rs 10,000 . Wagering requirements are 7x ;
  • Sport Crypto Bonus – If you make a deposit of more than Rs 750, you will get 250 per cent up to Rs 25,000;
  • Combo bonus is valid for combo bets and increases the odds by 200 percent .

Go to the site, complete a short and simple registration and start earning together with 4rabet betting.

Why Players Like Betting : Expected Utility Theory

There are several reasons that are fundamental in attracting people to gamble. The first is a rather simple theory, which goes something like this: “Expected Utility Theory”.

Those who researched it say that people are attracted to entertainment or leisure activities that provide as much pleasure or as little suffering as possible.

They have even calculated their own formula for determining the so-called “expected utility”. This is done by multiplying the amount of pleasure that a person believes should occur by the probability that it will happen.


If one of the bets gives the player a chance of winning 100 units in 50 percent and 50 percent to lose 0.

A second bet may give the player a 50 percent chance of winning 0 and a 50 percent chance of losing 100.

Players are more likely to choose the first bet. Because initially players have a higher expectation. Even considering the fact that the probability of winning is equal in both cases. That’s why everybody believes that the expected payout of the first bet is higher than the second.

The Benefits of Sports Betting

The full benefit of sports betting comes only after you have tried it. But before you do, many people don’t know if they really need it. Also, many do not understand how it will affect them and what changes may occur in a person. Several factors have been identified as important:

  • It is a great way to reduce stress levels ;
  • It is a great way to have fun;
  • Causes positive emotions;
  • Production of necessary hormones such as adrenaline while watching the game on which the bet was made and in some situations there can be release of dopamine, serotonin.

Thus, it is possible to understand that some changes are taking place in the body which have a positive effect on people.

Moreover, betting is also able to change the situation in the state. The legalisation and regulation of the business will bring more workers and consequently less employment. You can also count on tax money, which can change the economic situation.

Tips for a Successful Start of Betting

Not all beginners know what you have to do to make your betting not only fun, but also real money. To do so, you have to follow some tips that are given by professional bettors:

  • Don’t make big bets at the beginning with the hope of high winnings . Even the professionals rarely do that;
  • Be cautious about the risks. Place bets you wouldn’t feel sorry to lose;
  • Set limits. Think about time and money. Don’t spend too much time on the process, it is advised to spend no more than 4 hours. Setting bankroll limits will help avoid unnecessary damage;
  • Find a good institution that offers only fair terms and conditions;
  • Study all the terms and conditions of the site before creating a personal account there.


Don’t think of betting as always being a scam. Honest bookmakers always follow all the conditions they promise. What’s more, they often offer lucrative bonus offers that give you the chance to play and get presents. The most lucrative and generous are the welcome offers. Be sure to try out all the promotions and bonuses available to make the gaming experience even more exciting and interesting.

And the emission of various hormones leads to a better mood and promotes more relaxation.

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