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Comcast Technology

Tokyo Olympic 2020: NBC Olympics Appoints Comcast Technology Solutions

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Key Highlights:

  • Comcast Technology Solutions offers the CTSuite platform of technology solutions.
  • NBC Olympics has established an immersive experience in sports programming.
  • CTS provides the digital video experience in many NBC Universal platforms.

Delivering Multi-screen Video Management

Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS) abide selected by NBC Olympics. It is a branch of the NBC sport Group, and Peacock to provide multi-screen video guide management and delivery for the production, from 23 July to 8 August 2021, of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Bart Spriester is the Vice Chairman and Chiefs of Content Management at Comcast Technology Solutions. Consequently, David Wilburn is the Vice President of Technical in NBC Sports Group. However, Digital Operations is announcing on 3 August.

Comcast Technology Solutions delivers the technology solution portfolio CTSuite. It enables the industry to expand and navigate the evolving media. And entertainment technology landscape with the technology, scope, and knowledge. It invents a technology that addresses the issues of the industry. Additionally, imagines what is conceivable and transforms companies into a changing world. Comcast Technology Solutions delivers more than 20 years of reliable real-life radio broadcasting and digital expertise. It is built on the know-how, proven infrastructure, and scalable platform.

CTS is used in numerous NBC Universal platforms to support the digital video experience. It includes NBC Sports,, Peacock, and NBC affiliates – and on websites, apps, and VOD services. Consequently, CTS services used for NBC Olympics involve the CTS Content Delivery Suite, the D2C Suite, Live Linear Suite, and the Demand Video Suite.

Allocating Unparalleled Insight

“NBC Olympics has developed a sports programming experience that is immersive, high qualities and technically complex that entertains and inspires millions of fans across our country,” Spriester added. “Our responsibility at Comcast Technology Solutions is to reduce much of this complicated backend and allow NBC Olympics to achieve their vision, enjoy the audience, and support business partners and sponsors. However, we look forward to being commissioned by NBC Olympics for playing such a major and diverse role in managing, monetizing, and delivering this amazing audiovisual experience.”

“We provide the much-anticipated Tokyo Olympics, which captivates fans across numerous platforms and devices, with Comcast Technology Solutions,” added Wilburn. “Thanks to their track record and exceptionally high digital experience, we chose Comcast Technology Solutions. It helps us manage the execution of the games. Therefore, our shared task is to organize one of the most meaningful and expected Olympics and to present spectators with the greatest potential connections.” Accordingly, NBC Olympics uses the CTSuite primarily to continue providing central volatilize of video assets, video processing, and video flow management, linear including VOD metadata management and content protection. With this ad policy for availability windows, content delivery services (CDN), video player technology. With enhanced access and underwriting, published across devices, sites, and apps. Additionally, CTSuite delivers the NBC Olympic Team, along with a dedicated team of supporters, with complete video analytics and insights, on the success of the work of NBC Sports at the Games.

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