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Top 5 Podcasts

Top 5 Podcasts To Guide You Through COVID-19

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Uplifting. Encouraging Fighting

How does one cope and deal with anxiety or depression, a growing problem? Who can people turn to when they lose their jobs? When traditional education lets you down, what other options are available to you?

During these difficult times, it is important that we are uplifting one another and educating ourselves to come out stronger from the COVID19 outbreak. It is the information that we do not know that holds us back. FameNinja has considered several factors like the quality of information, relevance, credibility, importance, and entertainment before creating this list.

Based on thorough research and understanding about podcasts, FameNinja has released the list of top 5 podcasts to guide you through COVID-19.

Find Your Voice

The Find Your Voice Podcast, hosted by Aren Deu, is designed to help you combat your excuses, take control of your life, write your own story and most importantly Find Your Voice!

This Find Your Voice Podcast focuses on interviewing people from all walks of life. It shares stories of Hope, Adversity, Trauma, Authenticity & Fears we all have today. Guests have courageously shared their stories from rape to blindness, anxiety to homelessness and so much more.

You’re Welcome Radio

Host Tori Gordon is a mindset/performance coach, online entrepreneur, and self-love junkie who is NOT afraid to ask life’s toughest questions, and on the podcast, You’re Welcome Radio we’ll search for answers with some of the most inspiring, successful and creative people of our day.

Each week she brings you a thought or a guest to help you get inspired, stay connected, slay your fear dragons, and unlock your highest potential. Expect courageous conversations that range from insightful and uplifting to thought-provoking and challenging.


This podcast centers around the decisive, the passionate, the resilient, the modern-day hunters, that constantly hunt down their goals.

Host, Ruben Alvarez, has made it a point to say “Anyone can do it. If I can bring on a guest for any industry or profession and show people they did it, then I hope it gives them the faith they can too. Our tribe welcomes all people that refuse to quit and ask more from their life.”

Beast Nation

Beast Nation is a podcast that is building a community around creating and engaging with people who take on the characteristics of Beasts.

To understand Beast Nation, you need to first know Brad Blazar. At the young age of 23, he started and was the founder of a very successful company in the oil and gas industry. This was brought to an abrupt stop in the late ‘80s due to The Reform Act and collapsing oil prices, but it was not about to slow him down.

The Boss In Heels Podcast

Eloquent and engaging, The Boss in Heels Podcast is hosted by Lara Nercessian and aims to draw valuable insights from female thought leaders and experts in their field.  Lara speaks with inspiring female founders, c-suite executives, public figures, and world-class performers and creates a platform for them to share their stories. Posing thoughtful yet tough questions, each episode is packed with quality insights and delves into guests’ journeys, struggles, successes, and failures.

Lara teases out their mindset, habits, tools, and tactics with the aim of obtaining practical insights that listeners can apply to their careers and lives.

Nowadays, podcasts are like a cup of tea, they don’t distract you while doing other activities, one easily listens to it with less commitment. To help individuals in finding the right path and achieve their goals, these podcasts are for people who need inspiration and motivation to move forward in their life.



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