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Training Program for Environmental Enthusiast by Fan of the Dunes

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Training will educate about the natural history

Coastal Naturalist Training a six-week course for Environmental Enthusiast to be hosted by Friends of the Dunes to habituate and inform people about the natural beauty of the Humboldt Bay area and the coastal dune ecosystem. The training program is to make people aware of climate change and captivate them to protect the natural communities of California.

Suzie Fortner, Programs and Operation Director for Friends and Dunes said, “This training is being held to introduce participants to the natural history of our coastal dunes, wetlands, and forests and inspire stewardship of the places. A naturalist is a student of natural history, and the training is designed to engage both beginner naturalist who has little background in ecological sciences, as well as an experienced naturalist who are interested in learning more about our unique and diverse coastal ecosystem around the Humboldt Bay.”

Fortner elaborated that the trainees will have firsthand experience of it is exactly feels like to be a naturalist. They will be taught how to guide their eagerness and observe how nature unfolds. This will help them to get batter knowledge about natural surroundings.

The experts from various filed will provide the training

The returning mentor and guide Jennifer Ortega set to take the session. The training course will include elementary science that being taught in junior college in combination with classroom and field involvement. The Guest Lecturers who are geologists, botanists, naturalists, and other experts will take the sessions.

Jennifer Ortega who been a middle school science teacher, an education ranger for Redwood National and State Parks and as an education program coordinator for Humboldt State University’s Natural History Museum. Master Certified Environmental Educator and a facilitator for Projects like Learning Tree, WET, and WILD which are excellent environmental education courses. She will bring her vast experience with her which is crucial for the training.

The candidates do not need prior experience to participate in the training course. But they do have to complete 40 hours of instruction, 10 hours of volunteer work and fulfill a capstone project in order to attain a California Naturalist Certification and academic credit. The people who want to analyze the course are also being welcomed and they do not have to participate in the certification course.



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