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Second Home

How To Transform Your Student Apartment Into Your Second Home

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Getting into college is one of the most exciting things for a student to experience. You’d be leaving the comfort of your home to tackle another chapter of your life.

For many students, missing home is a serious thing. Homesickness is normal and you shouldn’t be ashamed if you feel it. If you didn’t get the opportunity to decorate your bedroom at home, now’s the time to try it out.

Anyone can transform their student apartment into a homey place, and so can you. Read below for some tips to get you started.

1. Make Space For Plants

Your apartment room will benefit a lot from a little greenery. You can start with one or two small potted plants. When placed on your desk, it’ll keep you from stressing out too much while doing schoolwork.

Plants also have several health benefits for the people around them. They lower stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Since plants release oxygen, expect your room to have improved air quality. Focusing on assignments and projects will also be the least of your worries when there are plants around you.

Most student apartments should allow you to bring in plants and simple decorations. Some might already provide the amenities you need to make you feel more at home. You can check this website and other sites for student accommodations that understand students’ needs for a comfortable living space.

2. Go Crazy With Cushions

The best part about going back to your apartment after a long day is plopping onto your bed. Thus, you should make your bedroom as inviting as you possibly can.

Choose cushions in bright solid colors to wake you up for those all-nighters or in neutral tones to help you relax. Also, don’t limit yourself to just the cushions. You may add some colorful patterned bedding while you’re at it. Moreover, you may mix and match colors for a contrasting effect as their fascinating color schemes will draw you in.

3. Keep A Kettle And Other Kitchen Tools

Instead of going out for coffee every morning, make some of your own. Having a kettle within arm’s reach also means you can instantly have a hot cup of your favorite brew. This is perfect for late-night cramming sessions or deadlines wherein you just can’t leave your laptop.

Your student apartment should be spacious enough for a small dining room. Being in another place isn’t an excuse for you to order takeout every day. Thus, maximize whatever space you have to create a mini kitchen for all your cooking needs.

If you don’t have the extra space for a cooking range, settle for a good quality kitchen stove powered by gas or electricity. You may also learn to cook your favorite dishes while away from home. Or better yet, collaborate with roommates to cook up a feast together.

Now that you’re living with more like-minded individuals, you have the freedom to use cutlery your parents might disapprove of. Forks and spoons don’t have to match if you don’t want them to. You could collect plates in interesting patterns and oddly-shaped mugs your roommates might adore.

4. Put Up Some Photos

If you’re close with your family members, you’ll miss them dearly when you have to move out. Thus, you may bring them with you in spirit by putting up their photos on your bedroom walls.

Whether taken using instant film or printed out, photos are sure to make your campus dorm feel more like home. You could pin them on a corkboard or hang them on jute twine with wooden pegs. This is a great way to relive old memories while adding new school memories as the days and months pass.

You can also add life to bare walls with prints by putting them in frames to make your apartment look less like a pop-up scrapbook and more like a mini art museum.

If you’re an artist, you might have some visual art ready for display. Impress your roommates with your masterpieces and inspire them to paint their own. It makes an excellent bonding activity and also one way to boost creativity.

5. Light It Up

Surely your student apartment will have working lights in every major spot. But that doesn’t mean you that’s all you have to settle with.

Fairy lights are popular bedroom décor that is affordable and easy to set up. You could hang them on or above your bed’s headboard for that heavenly feel or place the lights around your cozy nook for maximum comfort.

If you have the budget, opt for neon signs. You could get one customized to bear your name or favorite short quote. They’ll look lovely when the room is dark with the only light source emanating from the letters. Neon signs will fit in well for students with modern tastes.

Nowadays, many people collect candles as a hobby. Candles add an air of calmness in a room which artificial lighting can’t do. Light up some scented candles in lavender or chamomile to help you relax after study sessions. You could pick citrus or eucalyptus-scented ones to energize you for the next exam. Like regular lighting, candles come in different colors. Choose ones that match the rest of your décor or make them clash for a vibrant look.

Once you run out of candles, don’t throw away their containers yet. You’ll have new items to decorate your apartment with by upcycling them.

6. Store And Stack

The neat thing about storage boxes is that they now come in various styles, colors, and designs. They not only store things you don’t want your roommates to see, but they also make great decorations. Some storage boxes even double as a stool in case you don’t have enough chairs around.

Buying a set of storage boxes and stacking them up saves interior space. Use these when you live in a slightly more cramped apartment. Stackable organizers are also great for smaller desks to keep your tinier knick-knacks in place.

7. Wrapping It Up With Rugs

Your student apartment might have carpets already included, but these usually look worn out. Walking on rugs that feel like they’ve been stepped on countless times isn’t the most enjoyable experience.

No matter how cheap, a nice new rug will spell all the difference. You can buy ones in different sizes and colors depending on your taste. Bringing in rugs and carpets that match your personality should make the apartment look less bland and worth coming home to.

At The End Of The Day

Living away from home to pursue a college education shouldn’t be a dreadful thing. Though you’ll be staying in a place shared by other people, you still have the option to decorate your space as you see fit.

Decorating is a simple activity and it won’t cost you too much as you’ll be on campus for a couple more years or so. You and your roommate can also learn more about each other while transforming your apartment into a new home.

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