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Medicine & Health - The Triton Support Chair Supports Back Pain

The Triton Support Chair Supports Back Pain

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Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. aims to shift body weight off the spine with its unique seating system

“Maintain 2-3 inches of space between the front of your seat and the back of your knees. Avoid using armrests. Keep your head positioned directly over your spine. Place your feet flat on the floor, lower the height of your chair if you can’t reach the floor.” These are the most frequent advice your health care provider may want you to follow when you suffering from low back pain. Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. designed a unique seating system (The Triton Support Chair) to support your back.

Dynamic Disc Designs Corp., a company focused for over the last 14 years on the improvement of conventional models for spine education (as part of their growing product line) has developed the Triton Supportive Chair. The effort has been taken to support and protect the spine from compression. Tested by the researchers in the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University, the chair will be presented at the 50th Annual Conference of the Association Canadian Ergonomists.

The correct posture impacts more than you think

“Conventional seating with the backrest located behind the person doesn’t make sense as people are typically drawn forward into computer screens for work and pleasure.”

  • The chair’s unique design offers a number of seating positions suitable to many user settings.
  • The main function benefits those who require sitting for extended periods of time in front of the screen.

The Triton is the future of seating”, commented Dr. Jerome Fryer, chiropractor, spine researcher, and brainchild of the new forward-facing seating system. “The insights came to me after using an upright MRI to measure spine height and the spacing between our vertebrae in the context of relieving pain while we sit. The results of this recent study warrant immediate attention if we are to tackle the low back pain epidemic,” he added.

The users reported the Triton Support Chair feels like “floating on a cloud” and others commented, “finally relax their back muscles.”

Who will benefit?

Back pain needs an unconventional approach when required to solve it. Sitting is a big part of life. The regular sitters from offices, schools, colleges, and even at home while eating; they need an affordable solution to tackle their back pains.


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