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Interactive Games in Education are Necessary for All-round Growth

Games in Learning

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People learn throughout their life and education provides us the basic understanding that we need to be successful in life. But sometimes classroom teaching can be lengthy and dull. But it is the traditional method that has been in place through ages. Sure there are games that the schools and colleges allow students to play. Because they have to as per the guidelines of their respective educational boards. The games can be more than just a period in a student’s life.

Each student’s ability to grasp a subject matter is different. It is very rare to see a teacher adapt to the needs of a particular student or to develop such a technique that is innovative and fun so that everybody can learn equally.

It’s not that there not been innovation in the field of education, but it is in bits and pieces. The large scale implementation is still lacking. The traditional method is very successful till date to provide education, why change it? It is one of the major drawbacks as a human being if we get into a habit; it takes a ridiculous amount of time to get rid of it.

Yes, the existing system is good at providing education, but not equal learning. Each and every student should at least clear in his/her mind about the topic which has been taught in the class. It is very difficult for schools and universities to design courses for individuals.

Tweak the system for better results

What they can do?  Not to use games just as a recreational prop, rather use games in education as a way to provide kids with better learning opportunities which they normally don’t get in boring and monotonous classes.

It’s a normal human tendency; we like those things which provide us joy and dislike those which do not. Somehow with interactive educational games, we can lure students to get their focus right and in the process, they can achieve their academic goals while having fun.

These educational games could require physical involvement or virtual simulation. Either way, the game should teach the specified subject that it is intended for. So it is very important to design the game properly.

The games which require physical involvement are used in the education system to develop qualities such as leadership, team-work, communication, grit, and determination, which are essential organizational skills. But they can be designed to teach maths or science as well.

If physical games are unable to do that we can use virtual games. The use of virtual games are limitless, the games can be morphed according to the learning abilities of individual students.

There are already some games in the market which provide a virtual experience of history, geography, and other subjects but all in all, they are can’t provide the learning that is needed. The board has to approve this new innovative method to be implemented in all the schools first then the market will produce the educational games that can be used as an alternative source of education.

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