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Troy University: Providing Distinct Education Programs with a ‘Student-First’ Approach


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In the present scenario, one of most vital aspects of an educational institution is its ability to fulfill its student requirements. Today, universities and colleges are focusing on providing a more student-centric learning and teaching module for better comprehension. They are also reforming their curricula to cater to the evolving academic requirements of students. Currently, various educational institutions are focusing on offering comprehensive study programs to help students benefit in the long run, both academically as well as in career fields.

With that said, the most important thing Troy University does is serve its students. Today, the University provides excellent classroom instruction through its talented faculty and programs to help students develop and hone their leadership skills. Troy University seeks to prepare students to earn a living after graduation while also building a flourishing life.

Empowered by Robust Foundation

In 1887, Troy University was founded by an act of the Alabama Legislature which established Troy State Normal School as an institution to train teachers for Alabama’s schools. Almost a century later in 1982, the Troy State University System was formed, as the campuses in Dothan and Montgomery were granted independent accreditation status.

In April of 2004, the Board of Trustees voted to drop ‘State’ from the University’s name to better reflect the institution’s worldwide mission and from August 2005, all TROY campuses were again unified under one accreditation. Currently, Troy University has grown into an international university. At the main campus in Troy, it serves students from more than 70 countries with partnerships around the world while preparing graduates to be competitive on the global stage.

Accredited Study Programs

All study programs offered by Troy University are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges Schools and Commission on Colleges. The University offers degrees at four levels: associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral.

Students can choose from more than 170 undergraduate majors and minors and more than 110 graduate degree options. These include high-demand fields such as business, management and accounting, human resource management, criminal justice, education, psychology and counseling, social work and nursing, among many others.

Degree programs are spread across Troy University’s five colleges:

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Sorrell College of Business
  • College of Communication Fine Arts
  • College of Education
  • College of Health and Human Services

Student-First Philosophy

In the educational landscape, Troy University stands out with its mission of serving its students. Its faculty and staff are dedicated to a student-first philosophy. This enables the University to create a distinctive culture of caring where TROY knows every student by their name and not just by their number.

Additionally, students at TROY benefit from the plethora of services and opportunities offered. Troy University is a place of value and values where students receive quality education at an affordable price including opportunities to be engaged with and in service to others. The University prepares students for the world of work while equipping them with the skills necessary to be leaders within their communities, across the nation and throughout the world.

Effective Distance Learning Programs

Troy University is a pioneer in online education, with nearly 25 years of experience. Its online programs are consistently ranked among the nation’s best by publications such as U.S. News & World Report, which stands as a testament to its commitment to academic excellence through its online programs. Moreover, a major part of this commitment is found in TROY’s efforts to have the online experience mirror its in-class offerings in class content, instruction and interaction as well as quality.

TROY’s effective distance learning programs focus on service to students as well as offering the highest level of instructional engagement possible. The University enables its students to interact with peers and faculty. It also provides intuitive instructional elements that allow for easy navigation in every aspect of their educational journey.

Equipped with High-Touch and High-Tech

The global COVID-19 pandemic was a major disruptor, especially in the field of education. It

caused a transition from classroom teaching to digital learning and resulted in dependency on online modes of learning. Moreover, the post-pandemic world became educationally geared toward digital social interactions.

Troy University is equally equipped with high-touch and high-tech where traditional students seamlessly blend in-class and online courses with a high degree of success.

TROY’s Flex Classes

The University provides the latest in course offerings called Flex Classes that provide the best of all learning formats, offering in-class along with asynchronous and synchronous (live) course content. Highly skilled academic advisers work both within traditional and online formats and ensure students continue to stay successful and on target for degree completion.

Classes offered in the Flex format are held in regular in-class sessions and each class session is streamed live online at the same time. Additionally, recordings of each class session are made available for on-demand viewing later. Students enrolled in Flex Classes can freely switch between formats based on their needs. They can attend in person if they prefer the face-to-face experience, watch online from a location convenient to them, or catch up on classes they missed by watching them later.

Moving forward, Troy University is focused in its efforts to ensure that its online offerings will reflect its in-class course inventory.

Clear Cost Plan Structure

To make its upcoming academic sessions even better, Troy University recently adopted a new pricing structure in the fall of 2021. Called the Clear Cost Plan, the structure eliminates most fees and sets only three tuition rates, one for undergraduate, one for graduate, and one for doctoral. The goal was to create a transparent and easy-to-understand billing structure for the benefit of students and parents. 

The new pricing structure enables a clear picture of the cost to attend for students as well as their families or individuals interested in attending Troy University. Moreover, the University recently announced a tuition freeze for the 2022-23 academic year, marking the third consecutive year without a tuition increase.

A Place of Value and Values

Since its establishment, Troy University continues to be a place of value and values. The University embraces the concept of teaching servant leadership to its students — setting an example as well as in formalized leadership courses. It emphasizes the value of civility, patriotism and respect, ensuring its decisions are ethically grounded.

Troy University seeks to prepare its students to Lead Change and be difference makers after stepping into the real world. Its founding motto resides at the heart of the culture of caring that exists at TROY—“Educate the mind to think, the heart to feel and the body to act.”—and its founding principles continue to guide it in the present day.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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