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Cup of Coffee

University of Limerick Research Might Give Us a Perfect Cup of Coffee

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The mathematical equation for good coffee

Most of our mornings start with a cup of coffee. But it is difficult to get that right combination every time that makes us feel it’s a new day. But wait no more; the University of Limerick (UL) might have the answer to that problem.

The researchers at the UL are working on mathematical equations to come up with the correct amount of the entire ingredient that can make a perfect cup of coffee.

The paper published by Dr. Kevin Moroney and Dr. Ken O’Connell in PLOS One shared their experience of working with industry partners. They appealed baristas and producers of coffee to find the right equation to make the coffee regularly delightful.

Research shows promise

Moroney said, “When people are measuring the quality of coffee brews, they measure two things; the strength of the coffee, that is just the amount of soluble material in the drink. Then they measure the amount of material that has been extracted from the dry coffee.”

The method used is just an average measurement. While measuring the extraction level, it is assumed to be the same for the whole coffee bed. As mentioned in the paper the researchers are trying to model the flow within the coffee bed to try and grab the inconsistent extraction.

The data that have derived from the research help to understand the chemical processes taking place inside a seed of the coffee, through the process of making a cup of coffee. The finding of the research will help us make good quality of coffee more often.

The researchers are trying to construct a mathematical equation to forecast the quality of the coffee based on the properties of the ground, water, and brewing setting, which in the future will provide a machine that serves the perfect coffee.


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