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Utah Tech University

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Education in art and technology amplifies the success of innovative industries and widens the boundaries of creativity. Today, art and technology go hand in hand to provide students with ingenious experiences. Many institutions offer quality education in art and technology with numerous career opportunities. Providing a comprehensive education, Utah Tech University stands out in the education sector.

With the extensive education provided by the university, graduates not only receive specific knowledge they need for their development in their chosen career paths but also get an understanding of how art and technology together can influence and improve the work they do. In addition to that, the education at Utah Tech creates well-rounded students who are civically engaged and use critical thinking in all aspects of life.

Building a Strong Foundation

Established in 1911, Utah Tech University has grown from a community college to a state college and ultimately into a university that provides education to students from all around the world. Previously known as Dixie State University, the institution changed its name to Utah Tech University to highlight its career preparation and hands-on learning opportunities. It is known for its quality and affordable education and has shown huge growth over the last five years. Student enrollment has consistently grown over the last six years with an overall percentage growth of 44% since fall 2015.

Robust Academic Programs

Utah Tech University offers quality education and proudly touts that its academic programs are among the most affordable in the Western United States. The institution offers personalized and hands-on experiences that prepare students for their future lives. In the last five years, Utah Tech University has introduced more than 100 programs and 85% of the programs are in STEM disciplines.

Currently, the university offers more than 200 academic programs that provide transformative experiences across disciplines such as art, education, health, science, business, humanities, and STEM programs. Utah Tech offers certificates and endorsements as well as associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. The university helps students prepare for meaningful careers by providing personalized and engaging learning opportunities including internships, clinical experiences, co-ops, program advisory boards, industry partnerships, and workforce pipelines.

Leading from the Front

Having enlightened his educational journey, Richard B. Williams (President, Utah Tech University) believes that education is an important aspect of life. He also states that the significance of lifelong learning was inculcated by his parents. “Now, I share the value of education not only with my own kids but with all our students and community members,” says Richard. In his eminent career, he has served many roles such as a provost, dean, associate dean, department head, and faculty member at numerous universities across the country. As a president, he guides a team of brilliant individuals. The team works relentlessly to provide the best educational opportunities for the students and the community.

Leveraging Technology

Utah Tech University actively leverages technologies for students’ benefits. The university supports a human-centered approach to problem-solving. The institution not only teaches problem-solving through innovation, technology, and collaboration but also includes advanced learning techniques across all disciplines. It helps students build their careers while augmenting education with technological skills that are necessary for the enhancement of their future.

Diverse Campus

The university ensures diversity and inclusion on campus. It works to eliminate hurdles that get in the way of students while they’re pursuing their education and offers the various resources students need to be successful. Utah Tech University helps diverse students learn and be successful by providing numerous inclusive teaching methods.

Additionally, the Disability Resource Center makes a variety of resources available to students. The Center of Inclusion and Belonging and the International Students & Scholars Office work to help students from all walks of life. The university’s trained staff members not only help students with their academic requirements but also ensure that students dedicate time to building strong lifelong relationships and connections on campus.

‘active learning. active life.’

Along with the best academic programs, Utah Tech University ensures maximum student engagement by providing numerous extracurricular activities. It offers more than 80 student clubs so that students get fully involved in its ‘active learning. active life.’ approach to education. Student government helps students gain leadership skills and arranges weekly activities such as political forums and social activities.

As the campus is situated among breathtaking landscapes and national parks, the Campus Life and Wellness division arranges outdoor adventures and learning opportunities. The Academic Performance and Tutoring Center provides one-on-one tutoring as well as study halls free of cost. Moreover, study halls are made available so that students can study as well as get guidance from tutors. The university also provides comprehensive career services that include training and assistance for students as they prepare for their careers.

Workforce-Ready Training

While the industry is changing and so are its demands, students need to be well-equipped to face challenges in order to thrive. Ensuring that the students are workforce ready, Utah Tech University offers academic programs that are created according to the feedback of industry partners. It maintains connections with community leaders to understand the latest training, knowledge, and skilled students need to be industry-ready. The core curriculum includes opportunities to work with industry leaders and participate in real-world experiences and ensures that students get industry experience prior to graduation. Additionally, students gain guidance from experienced mentors who have decades of experience in their industries.

Strengthening the Future

Utah Tech University has introduced more than 100 new academic programs in the last half-decade. It aims to add more academic programs that include bachelor’s and master’s programs as well as doctoral programs in the future. In addition to that, it aims to focus on the development of the Department of Engineering and Department of Earth and Environmental Science by adding new programs in the near future. It also is currently focusing on adding two new graduate programs to the College of Health Sciences.

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