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Miami University

University of West Indies (UWI) partners with Miami University (MU)

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Collaboration leads to improvement in the issues of UWI and MU

The University of West Indies and the University of Miami has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) agreement on a partnership for mutual strategic purposes. Vice-Chancellor of The UWI, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles and UM President, Dr. Julio Frenk developed the principles of the agreement contained in the MOU. These two universities have committed to being a partner to resolve the issues in areas such as public health, local harm from global warming, access to global technology, poverty reduction, innovation, and leadership skills development.

At this event, UWI’s and MU’s medical faculty heads have given presentations on this collaboration project including drug abuse research, pediatric preventable blindness and sport, and community health. There is a demand for sustainable development, so this partnership focuses on the developmental strategies of both communities.

Also, UWI is in collaboration with the State University of New York. Beckles comments, “The UWI is pursuing a model that brings value to the countries of the region and how mutual interest in a region that has been the victim of extractive models.”

Growth and development of the regional economy

Miami is a cosmopolitan city and the Caribbean is a cosmopolitan region and as a university, they have taken the responsibility to improve people around the world.  Both the universities have taken forward step to working on a project which will be impactful in changing the lives of the people in that region.

This MOU has developed for fruitful relationship for both university regions and will discuss critical issues relevant to both communities. Over 70 years, The University of the West Indies has provided service and leadership to the Caribbean region and the wider world.

On the occasion of this historic agreement, Beckles said, “President Frenk and I see the South Florida-Miami and Caribbean spaces as one extended ‘domestic zone’ in which our respective communities have an intense daily experience. Indeed, our universities have been called into this alliance because it would be irresponsible of us to ignore the perception of our stakeholders, that Miami and the Caribbean might be separated by water, but they are integrated by pretty much everything else.”

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