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Video Viewing Behavior

VAB Exposes the Myths about Video Viewing Behavior

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The myth-busting is supported by credible data

VAB is involved in investigating and exposes the video viewing beliefs that are commonly held by the people in its guide. The guide is named “A Cultural of Extremes: Exposing the Myths about Video Viewing Behavior.” The intriguing guide explains 15 video viewing myths and how they are not reasonable.

The theory is backed by deep research and statistics from reliable sources. The topics which were chosen included chord cutting: time spent viewing the video via linear TV compared to viewing using internet-connected devices, younger audience viewing behavior and misconceptions about moviegoers.

Everyone is cutting the cord and leaving cable video substitutes and subscriptions is one of the major myths. The guide has detailed information on how most of the US households subscribed to multichannel video programming. It leads the way in distribution access points for consumers.

The TV still rules the US households

Another major myth is everyone is spending more time on platforms like Facebook and YouTube than ad-supported TV. VAB in research has shown that in any given point of time there is seven times more audience who watches ad-supported TV than spending their time on YouTube or Facebook. This shows how TV is still popular among young audiences and people like to spend time watching TV old school way.

Next in line is no one under 35 watches linear TV anymore because they are living on subscriptions video-on-demand platforms, digital sites, and social media. The data collected shows 50% of video intake in the age range of 18-34 is through linear TV. Most of the video viewing goes to live TV in case of big events. The people who spent time viewing videos using the internet counted only 20% of the total audience.

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