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Liberty University

Liberty University join forces with Unclaimed Baggage Center to deliver customized luggage

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Suitcases for area adoptive children

Unclaimed Baggage Center is the only retailer in America that buys and sells unclaimed luggage when lost luggage is not identified by any person. This center has formed partnership with Liberty University to provide personalized luggage to foster children by organizing an event.

This event happened at Liberty University’s Vines Center which was filled with students who have packed, painted and personalized 308 suitcases for every foster child in the Lynchburg area including Campbell, Bedford and Amherst counties and the city of Lynchburg.

This event is a part of “Love Luggage Day” initiative of Unclaimed Baggage Center’s charitable programme. This event held by Brenda Cantrell, brand ambassador for Unclaimed Baggage and steward of its Reclaimed for Good operation and Liberty University across the country.

At this event, 1500 students came forward to volunteer their time and resources to give foster student something to call their own. Unclaimed Baggage Center donated suitcases to that university to give to foster children. Students decorated the canvas and plastic casting of the luggage with painted designs. These hand painted suitcases given to foster children by Liberty students.

Service to the community through charitable event

When Unclaimed Baggage Center had the idea to bring the Love Luggage event to Liberty, it wasn’t expecting a packaging of thousands and more than 300 personalized suitcases ready to be distributed. Liberty students have packed the suitcases with warm blankets, fuzzy socks and toiletries. This is biggest charitable event for student to provide toys and necessities to that foster children.

“We want these to be a reminder that you are not forgotten in the system and this can give back to the community we are a part of every day. They first partnered with Unclaimed Baggage when Cantrell spoke at Liberty’s career week last year. When they found out about the Love Luggage project and it sounded like the perfect way to serve people in the community,” said Lison Executive Director of LU Stages.

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