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Vancouver Film School

Vancouver Film School Selects Dell Technologies to Empower College-19 Students

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Deploys a virtual learning environment within two weeks

Dell Technologies is helping students from Vancouver Film School (VFS) keep their creative pursuits on track whether they’re in the physical or virtual classroom. With powerful Dell Precision workstations – combined with Dell EMC infrastructure solutions on the backend – students can access the latest technology for their graphics-intensive curriculum, even when quickly transitioning to a remote learning environment.

Vancouver Film School students create hundreds of productions every year, with the curriculum spanning Film Production, 3D Animation & Visual Effects, Digital Design, Game Design, and VR/AR Design & Development. Their alumni have gone on to be some of the most sought-after artists, creators, and storytellers in the industry.

Class is in the session via remote learning

The IT department while installing virtual set up for teachers and students in the VFS campus, faced two primary obstacles as they started evaluating remote learning needs.

●  Access to the latest technology. Direct production opportunities and access to industry-leading instruction are what attracts students to VFS, so it was critical to provide the same technology to create innovative content in 6k, 4k, and AR/VR.

●  Minimal disruption to students. One of the unique elements of the school’s curriculum is that classes run 9 am – 10 pm every day, with courses starting every two months and lasting up to a year. This meant there was no time to waste for the IT department.

Despite being challenged by unexpected, VFS deployed 900 Dell Precision workstations with NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 GPUs in their labs in a week and a half. By week two, VFS had combined the workstations with Teradici PCoIP® remote protocol solutions, giving most students remote access to their workstations and virtual access to the curriculum. Loaner PCs and monitors were shipped to students who lacked the technology to complete their learning and coursework from home.

Consistent Learning Regardless of Location

Regardless of where the learning happens, VFS students have access to consistent, reliable, and powerful technology. With enterprise-class components and extensive software certifications on Dell Precision workstations, VFS students can now use creative applications like Maxon Redshift, Autodesk Arnold, Unreal Engine, Unity, and Avid Media Composer from home.

Dell Technologies helped VFS keep the curriculum on track and implement a remote learning solution for 1,500 students.

“Vancouver Film School is a great example of virtual learning done right, and it will help prepare the next generation of professionals for creating in remote environments,” said Tom Tobul, vice president, Commercial Client Solutions – Specialty, Dell Technologies.



The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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