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Vretta’s Intromath

Vretta’s Intromath wins the best use of Formative Assessment

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IntroMath Wins the Best Use of Formative Assessment for Supporting Student Success in Mathematics

Vretta’s interactive courseware platform in mathematics, IntroMath, wins the Best Use of Formative Assessment Award at the International e-Assessment Award Ceremony in London, UK.

e-Assessment Awards

The e-Assessment Awards are dedicated to recognizing advancements in e-assessments and applauding the latest innovations throughout the education sector. With an increasingly high number of applicants and attention from around the globe, the e-Assessment Awards are fast becoming one of the most discussed awards in the e-assessment community.


IntroMath is an Assessment-for-Learning courseware platform that is designed to encompass a wide variety of introductory mathematics course material including customized algorithmic assignments, interactive learning activities, e-Textbooks and OERs, along with other rich digital resources have proven to support students throughout their learning experience in mathematics courses.

Best use of Formative Assessment

IntroMath was recognized by the e-Assessment Awards for its innovative formative assessment which has proven to increase students’ attainment and confidence in mathematics at post-secondary institutions. A significant increase in the retention of first-year students was reported as a direct result of using IntroMath as an interactive courseware platform. This, in turn, led to savings of time and cost for participating institutions.

Currently integrated into mathematics courses at numerous post-secondary institutions across the country, IntroMath is continuing to transform the mathematics learning and assessment experience for students.

This recognition of IntroMath’s effective use of formative assessments further validates Vretta’s mission of providing students with the necessary confidence and skills required to succeed in their math courses and everyday lives.



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