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Webster Vienna Private University: Harboring Proliferative Opportunities for Students on Academic and Career Forefronts

Webste Vienna Private University

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Amidst the continuous evolution of the education sector, global education provides opportunities for students to take purposeful action for enhancing their lives and positively influence the world around them. Moreover, it is also an effective approach to support their holistic academic, social, and emotional development. As globally-oriented education plays a crucial role in constantly shaping and garnering the various educational requirements of students, it has become an important determining aspect for pursuing higher education.

Through globally oriented and personalized education, Webster Vienna Private University (WVPU) aims to generate knowledge and prepare students for success. The university’s approach to education is rooted in five core values. These are namely—a student-centered approach; the integration of theory and practice and research-led teaching; Individual accountability and social responsibility; Commitment to diversity and inclusion; and Global perspective.

Insightful Educational Commencement

Founded in 1981, Webster Vienna Private University was established as the second European campus of Webster University that was founded in 1915 and is located in St. Louis, Missouri. Webster Vienna was the only American university during a time when higher education in Austria was still traditional and universities did not offer degree programs purely in English.

In 1981, it received accreditation as an Austrian private university and was officially named the Webster Vienna Private University. The accreditation was an important milestone for Webster Vienna. It allowed the university to offer two diplomas—one American and one Austrian—opening the door for its students to pursue advanced or post-graduate studies not just in the USA but also in the European Higher Educational Area.

Effectual Study Programs

Currently, Webster Vienna offers seven bachelor’s degree programs. These include Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration; Bachelor of Arts degrees in International Relations; Bachelor of Arts degree in Management (General, and with Emphases in International Business and Marketing); Bachelor of Arts in Psychology; and Bachelor Strategic Communication.

The university offers five master’s programs, namely—Masters of Arts degree in International Relations; Masters of Arts degree in Psychology (with an Emphasis in Counseling Psychology); Masters of Science degree in Marketing; Masters of Science degree in Finance; and Master of Business Administration.

Piloted by a Promising Leader

At the core of Webster Vienna, Deidree Diño serves as the MSc Head of Admissions. She leads a team that regularly collaborates with all academic and administrative departments for ensuring new students are prepared to fulfill expectations and be successful. She represents Webster Vienna in several recruitment events and constantly seeks new opportunities to find solutions and improve processes with other department heads as well. “Webster Vienna offered me the opportunity to help newly admitted students transition to the next chapter of their academic careers,” remarks Deidree.

Comprehensive Student Support Services

Webster Vienna offers comprehensive student support services through its Student Resource Center. The university offers the following additional benefits to its students:

  • Faculty Advisor and Department Coordinator: Provides personalized guidance throughout the entire program of study;
  • Library and Textbook Service: Provides students with textbooks, reference materials, and other resources, required for their coursework and research;
  • Language Center: Helps students improve their reading, writing, and presentation skills through one-on-one or small group tutoring sessions;
  • Quant Center: Offers free tutoring in Math and Statistics at all levels and across all disciplines.

The university fosters a ‘Global Alumni Network’ that supports and connects students after graduation and throughout their careers. Additionally, it also endorses a good selection of clubs for encouraging extra-curricular programs and events. These include Webster’s Model UN, the SIR Eta Alpha Honors Society, the Student Government Association, the LEADS program, Webster’s Community Week, and the annual “Webster’s Got Talent” competition. Webster Vienna also provides ample study abroad opportunities at one or more of the other Webster campuses in its global network.

Diverse Career Development Opportunities

Webster Vienna’s Career Services Team is committed to helping students and alumni find the best possible career opportunities. It offers one-to-one or small group career counseling and coaching and organizes career workshops and events such as career lunches, professional photoshoots along with on-campus recruiting. The team collaborates with the online platform, JobTeaser, where students connect with potential employers and can apply directly for internships and job openings.

Webster Vienna also provides students with opportunities to accumulate work experience through its Webster Vienna Training Scholarship program. Through this program, students can apply for training positions for research projects or administrative departments within the university and earn tuition fee discounts for their work.

Encouraging Foreign Amalgamation

Webster Vienna harbors a welcoming approach to helping students throughout their journey. It has 30 different nationalities represented among its faculty and staff. The university treats its students equally regardless of their nationality, race, or background and does not entertain differences in tuition fees based on citizenship. It aims to annually award its merit and needs-based scholarships to a diverse group of students.

Webster Vienna inputs tremendous effort to assist international students as they transition to life in Vienna, especially if it is their first time abroad. It helps them with general questions on Austrian student residence permit applications and answers their questions and concerns about settling in Vienna. Its current students–through the Student Government Association and the university’s LEADS program – have resources in place to help promote and encourage diversity.

Fostering Rich Cultural Experience

Webster Vienna’s American-style and European-accredited programs in Vienna puts it in a commendable position for introducing culture, history, art, and music to its foreign students. The university offers opportunities for its undergraduate students to learn German. It also holds Language Cafés where students and faculty or staff can start pursuing German or other languages such as Italian. 

For a fascinating cultural experience, Webster Vienna provides an opportunity for its students to attend a traditional ball during the ball season in Vienna. The university collaborates with its sister campuses in Europe through its leadership retreats, where students in Vienna can engage and form strong connections with their counterparts in Geneva and Leiden.

Strategic Measurements during Crisis

The global pandemic made all educational institutions realize how indispensable and valuable technology is for effective teaching and learning, especially when conventional forms of instruction are all but impossible. On a fortunate note, Webster Vienna had access to technological tools and faculty and staff dedicated to ensuring that learning did not stop despite the challenging circumstances. Its parent university in the US provided Webster Vienna with all the necessary upgrades. By the beginning of the fall semester in 2020, the university had access to better tools for communication that helped it surpass the unprecedented times.

Anticipating Prolific Environment

Webster Vienna envisions proliferation during the upcoming academic sessions. For its fall semester–which began in September 2021–the university plans to allow access to its courses via distance learning for those students who experience visa difficulties or travel or health restrictions. This hybrid approach is currently in practice and more challenging for the instructors as they have to ensure that students on campus and online benefit from the lectures.

Aside from the occasional issues related to internet connectivity, Webster Vienna anticipates that the majority of its students will be more eager and motivated to participate and satisfactorily complete their coursework. The university envisions a normal work environment for its faculty and staff and eagerly looks forward to more opportunities for community building.

Webster Vienna Private University

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