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ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance Educates Best Cybersecurity Practices

ISA Global Cybersecurity

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Creating a knowledge-sharing environment and empowering to prioritize initiatives

The International Society of Automation (ISA), the developer of ANSI/ISA 62443 series of automation and control systems cybersecurity standards, has created an open and collaborative forum to advance cybersecurity awareness, readiness, and knowledge sharing.

ISA concludes scenarios guiding industrial sectors, including manufacturing, commercial buildings, and critical infrastructure facilities to explore new ways to better-prevent, mitigate, and respond to catastrophic threats and attacks on their safety- and mission-critical assets, operations, and applications.

Mary Ramsey, ISA Executive Director, said, “As an independent non-profit organization dedicated to improving operational excellence, ISA is uniquely able to fulfill the need for open, collaborative discussions and knowledge sharing.”

Solutions to increase cybersecurity awareness

•    The ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance aims to assemble a global group of stakeholders from end-user
companies, control system vendors, IT and OT infrastructure providers, system integrators including other industry affiliates to benefit everyone, especially the communities in which the company operates and serves.

• Much leading automation and other technology providers are now engaged with ISA to explore working collaborated to proactively increase awareness and adoption of cybersecurity best practices, standards, and compliance in all relevant sectors.

• Among its defined objectives, the Global Cybersecurity Alliance committed to work-proliferate the adoption of global standards, which are aimed at compliance.

• The acceleration and expansion of standards are focused to address the technology-related gaps and set best practices to manage processes within an open architecture.

• The Alliance with an objective to develop certification and education programs for industry professionals drives advocacy and thought leadership, and bolsters knowledge sharing among its members.

Additionally, the partnered companies are able to identify and prioritize initiatives, ensuring Alliance’s approach is multi-faceted.

Larry O’Brien, Vice President of Research for ARC Advisory Group, said, “The ICS cybersecurity threat landscape is becoming more complex, with more direct attacks on the control system, IT, and OT infrastructure. Frequently backed by hostile nation-states, malevolent actors are becoming more sophisticated at targeting specific aspects of industrial control systems that have the potential to wreak havoc in the physical world, such as process safety systems.” “Standards and frameworks are valuable, but end users also need the resources to take the guidance provided by standards and put them into practice in real-world plant and OT environments. ARC applauds this effort to increase the security of industrial facilities,” he added.

Hoping to announce the initial members of the Global Cybersecurity Alliance in the coming weeks, ISA is currently in advanced conversations with several multi-national companies.

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