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Polley Associates Takes Possession of Schlicher-Kratz Foundation Institute

Schlicher-Kratz Foundation Institute

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Pennsylvania’s real estate education leader Polley Associates to look after the real estate fundamental education

The Polley Associates which is also called the school of real estate took the acquisition of Schlicher-Krantz Institution from the Ohio origin Hondros Education Group. The purchase became effective on the 1st of July.

The accession of the Schlinder-Krantz has been acknowledged with plenty of new opportunities to the real estate concerned professionals throughout eastern Pennsylvania. This venture of Polley is going to operate Schlicher-Kratz with a professional and justified faculty of skill-full instructors and high-integrity mentors to attain peculiarity, online and blended-learning courses that appeal to rise to the audience of savvy, customer authenticated real estate entrepreneurs.

The licensing of ‘Polley Associates’ classes for the real broker and Salesperson has helped to manage and organize along with leading the careers by guiding a thousand numerals of successful Real Estate professionals allowing their welfare, across New Jersey and Pennsylvania since 1971. Real estate appraiser certifications and appraiser continuing education has been a guiding source over the years to deliver quality teaching.

Driving Objective:

Massive accessibility to all the students is the basic motive behind the acquisition of Positions” said, Hugo .C Weber Jr., the Chief Executive Officer. “It leverages the experience, expertise and award-winning quality of both brands for the benefit of the real estate sales agency,” The Company’s education director delivers that, Concluding, that it’s being a highly reliable and purely beneficial opportunity after the acquisition, for the people concerning real estate intending to learn professional practices with the relevancy to extract the required objectives.

From the CEO:

Hondros Education Group (HEG) aims to utilize the Schicher-Kartz mortgage education division, with its well-known learn mortgage and CompuCram brands. CEO of Hondros Education Group said, “We have had a  relationship with the mentorship of Polley Associates with more than 30 years.”

According to the CEO, coming up altogether with Polley Associates and Schlicher-Kratz empowers the positioning in the market, providing more resources on which real estate professionals can achieve stability and scalability.


Polley Associates conducts classes throughout Pennsylvania. The corporate is headquartered away west of the Center City Philadelphia alongside, the acquisition will be on additive nature to add classrooms. Besides that, Montogomery, Delaware, Chester,  Philadelphia, Centre Erie, Washington,
Westmoreland counties, Blair also manages to lead the Professional classes.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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