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How Do Post Offices Help Us Communicate?


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When you think of how people communicate, the post office might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Due to the growth of the internet, the demand for postal services isn’t like it used to be. But despite embracing the digital age, postal services are still a necessity. They allow you to send almost anything to any part of the world.

Why Do Post Offices Still Exist?

With the many electronic devices in the modern world, one may wonder why post offices still exist. After all, they’re faster and easier ways to communicate with loved ones. But if you’re a sentimentalist, then you’ll prefer sending a letter to a loved one once in a while. Taking the time to pen your thoughts and finding a post office near you requires more effort than shooting a text. That’s why people appreciate letters so much. And apart from letters, people can also send packages to other countries through post offices.

Postal services have existed in society for a long time. Therefore, it’s hard to get rid of them, considering the number of people attached to this service. It also offers services in areas where digital development is still lacking. People in such communities can communicate with ease through postal services.

Lastly, postal services are a huge asset to some governments. Officials will use these services to communicate with other offices by sending memos, notices, and other documents. They are particularly helpful in areas that are hard to reach. Governments can use them to communicate with local offices in remote areas. With that said, take a look at why post offices are still relevant as a means of communication.

It’s More Personal

What’s more personal than putting your thoughts in a letter and mailing them to a friend? It shows you put effort into reaching out to a loved one. In this digital age, you can be sure the recipient will appreciate the gesture. Also, letters don’t have to be boring. Be creative and add things like stickers, postcards, pictures, and trinkets. Here are some ways to spruce up your letters.

  • Use acrylic paint or watercolor: Brush the paint on the cover of the envelope, wait for it to dry, and then write the recipient’s name and address on top. You can also paint shapes, flowers, leaves, or whatever details you prefer.
  • Decorate the envelope with washi tape: It will add a pop of pattern or color to a plain envelope. If you don’t have it, use normal masking tape, then draw the pattern you prefer on it.
  • Use fun postage stamps: Purchasing stamps at the post office is easier, but adding your own colorful stamps is more fun. It will add more joy to the recipient because it has a personal touch.

You may not send a letter every time you need to communicate with a friend, but once in a while, it’s enough to show someone you care.

The Waiting Game Is Fun

One of the most exciting things about receiving a package or letter via mail is the waiting. From the moment a friend tells you you’re about to receive a package, you’ll keep checking the mailbox in anticipation. For example, say you’re overseas because of school or work. If you know that your loved ones are constantly sending you letters, you’ll be confident they are thinking of you. This is a nice way to stay in touch when you can’t be together physically.

Letters Can Be Treasured Forever

One of the reasons not to abandon letters is that you can treasure them forever. An email or a text can be easily forgotten, but a handwritten letter can be stored with other souvenirs. Just imagine how special it is for a loved one to communicate with you via a handwritten letter. This is something you’ll keep forever. Furthermore, letters allow people to pour out their hearts and say things they might not have the courage to say in person. They offer some intimacy that other types of communication lack.

They Make the World Feel Smaller

While technology has made it easier to reach out to people, it’s easy for someone to feel disconnected from the world. Receiving letters makes the world feel smaller and connects people together. It’s a reminder that people exist outside of screens. Therefore, next time you want to stay in touch with someone, how about sending a letter instead of using social media? Post offices may not be as popular as back then, but they offer you a great way to communicate with people you love.

They Help you Take a Break From Technology

With most activities happening online, humans are constantly tethered to their laptops and smartphones. This can make it hard to disconnect for even a couple of hours. Sending and receiving letters allows you to take a break from all this digital noise. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice if your friends gave you updates about their lives via letters instead of receiving notifications from their stories? Put your phone aside, pick a pen and paper, and write to your friend. You’re likely to feel better after sending that mail.

These are just some of the ways postal services enhance communications among people. Let your loved ones feel special by sending them letters via post services.

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