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Social Stress Healer is Within You, read How to Find it

social stress

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Why are we so much in pain psychologically as a species? We have reached the brink of implosion. We have survived the ice age, two world wars, and countless natural disasters, but there was never a time in the history of mankind where the number of people is so high who are suffering from one or another kind of social stress which causes deterioration of not only mental but physiological health.

What are the causes of this social stress? Because we have evolved through much more difficult times but our stress level was not that high as it is today. What has changed over the course of time?

The solution might be hidden in time

The answer is, we have changed, I won’t say evolved because this change is not evolution. Stress has turned us against us. Why are we are in such a dire state and unable to do anything? What are the causes? Social stress has a wide range of causes, and it can be personal, emotional, or financial. It can be real or perceived.

Today’s generation is socially hyper demanding not only to themselves but to the world around them as well. The forward push that people put themselves to get a better life stretches physical as well as the psychological limit of the men. Life is not perfect; we all go through some traumatic event. It might be physical or psychological, which shakes us to our core.

These kinds of unpleasant events can bring some unwanted changes in our behavior. If somebody survived a car accident as a child, the fear of cars might grow with the person. The scenarios might be different for different people. The impact of the event depends upon our perception. How we deal with the situation and come out of it.

Choose wisely the remedy of your bane

The tolerance level fluctuates people to people. Let’s take a scenario, two bikes collide in the road, the bikers might choose the way of confrontation or choose to settle it peacefully.  This ability to choose the right path is deep rotted in our upbringing, as we grow; we learn to interact with people and objects, our brain tries to make sense of everything that we do, keep a journal of each and every memory and update it as the time goes by.

Stressor which causes social stress might be the same but it brings out the different reactions from different people. If we had handled a difficult situation as a child smartly, it will help us as an adult, if we haven’t we might not able to cope, if some difficulty arises suddenly.

Somehow we are managing our physical distress; it’s the nagging mental stress that keeps bothering us. Our brain is a supercomputer designed by nature; thousands of processes are operated by it continuously even when we sleep. It has a stress-response system that helps in certain real life-threatening events but if you are puzzled by a threat that is perceived not real, it might make it worse. It is deep psychology, which might need some expert help to deal with it.

Why our ancestors were able to cope with social stress better than us? They didn’t have the huge number of perceived stressors that we have today. Our body goes through two types of stresses; one is physiological, which pushes our body to get fatigued or some part of dysfunction; the other is psychological which creates a mental imbalance. As a result, it gives birth to different kinds of mental illnesses.

Try and succeed, do not give up

There are different solutions out in the market to help us to maintain our sanity. Psychiatrist, medication, meditation, stabbing by hundred needles, fish-eating your foot scrap, etc. We will try anything that will make us feel better mentally. Pay an enormous amount just to reduce stress. No one deserves to live in a constant state of stress; it breaks our will and makes us miserable. Life is too short to be entangled in unimportant stresses, but we can’t escape it.

Our entire problem is the result of our past experiences, which are still stuck in our consciousness, which we were unable to let go of or don’t want to let go of. Sometimes it does not feel easy, we are exhausted, just want to it to end one way or another. It looks hard because it is. The solution is probably in our past, as far as we can look. We can’t go back and rectify ourselves and reliving those unpleasant memories again and again won’t help as well.

What we can do is accept it, and try to do whatever gets you to the closure, ultimately learn from it, and move on with our life. It said easier than done. But we have to try, just can’t give it into stress. The world looks a bit gloomy, somewhat negative through stressed-out eyes, nevertheless, try to reach out to family and friends, take some time off, heal a little bit, recharge and come back with full energy. We deserve all the happiness, that there is, irrespective of all the life’s negativity. We can get it as long as we have hope and love of our near and dear ones.

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