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The Top 10 World’s Toughest exams to crack

worlds toughest exam

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No matter what your recognition of achievement or line of work is, you will be confronted with some challenging exams throughout your education and career. If you want to seek a hard-line career, you will probably need to crack exclusively rigorous exams meant to evaluate your mastery of the proficiencies and intelligence you will require in the profession. Though examinations are not less than a living nightmare for every single student, did you know that there are few tests that are considered to be the worlds toughest exam?

The competition for getting admitted into some of the world’s most renowned institutions or achieving fruitful jobs is fierce. As the world population keeps increasing, the competition has risen too.

Countries around the world want to set apart the cream of the crop from the rest of the pack, and thus have crafted distinct measures of assessing abilities in diverse fields.

Furthermore, the organizers of these exams judge the aspirants by not the usual criterion but by really innovative and imaginative means which increases the competitiveness and makes it more difficult for the candidate to clear the exam.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 Worlds toughest exam.

1. GRE – The Graduate Record Examination

worlds toughest exam

GRE is one of the most extensively taken exams globally and ranks in the list of world’s toughest exams to crack. Almost every United States Universities administering higher education instructs all of its aspirants to have a stipulated GRE Score. It is accessible in both modes, online as well as offline. The exam has six different sections including research, verbal and quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing.

Mainly organized to check the expertise of applicants applying to study abroad, the GRE is very important for those desiring to pursue an international degree. It is essentially organized for master’s level and Ph.D. programs at universities abroad. As the exam is universally accepted across various US universities, thousands of students attempt for this particular exam making it a tough nut to crack.

2. Mensa

worlds toughest exam

Among the world’s oldest non-profit societies, Mensa is a tremendous intelligence IQ society whose representatives have a stronger IQ than the 98th percentile, i.e. among the top 2% of the world. Mensa has a notable existence in nearly every country across the globe, there’s a Mensa society in every country. The IQ test conducted by the society is an intensely challenging test which analyses a person’s brilliance on criteria of problem-solving and logical reasoning. Thereupon, it is one of the world’s toughest exams with no age bar. Even a 2-year young child can appear for this IQ Test.

Quick Fact- The youngest Mensa member is a 3-year-old boy with 142 scores on the I.Q test.

3. GATE- Gratitude Aptitude Test in Engineering

worlds toughest exam

GATE is a national level examination which is an entrance examination for Indian undergraduates pursuing engineering. The examination is beneficial for postgraduate courses for the aspirants who crack the test. The world’s toughest exam is a joint endeavor between the Indian Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Science across the country. The examination consists of one single paper that has both MCQs as well as numerical questions to test approaches of Mathematics, Engineering, General Aptitude, and Science.


worlds toughest exam

The Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination is to be cracked by engineering aspirants who wish to enroll in one of the 7 most renowned engineering colleges. IIT-JEE is subdivided into two objective papers of three hours each. Adding to this, the enormous curriculum and absolute unpredictability of the questions in the exam provide you the ideal recipe for one of the world’s toughest exams. For your reference, out of 5,00,000 students appearing for this exam only 10,000 of them are chosen.

5. UPSC- Union Public Service Commission

worlds toughest exam

The central bureau in India organizes all major examinations and to enroll all the top-notch government officials in the country. India uses the UPSC incorporated with other benchmarks like the Indian Statistical Service Examination, the Combined Defence Services Exam, and the Civil Services Exam to conclude who is perfectly fitted for those positions. It is scrutinized as the worlds toughest exam. Even the students who have cleared IIT and GATE find it troublesome to crack this exam.

The Union Public Service Commission organizes this exam every year to enroll for varied government jobs. The exam has three stages, starting with the objective paper and then the main stage which is a subjective one followed by a personal interview.

UPSC is among the most challenging exams in the world because out of lakhs of candidates, only 0.1% to 0.4% succeed in clearing the exam.

6. The Gaokao Test

worlds toughest exam

The Gaokao examination is a mandatory exam that is to be attempted by every student in China who wants to pursue higher education. Because of its difficulty level, a few European and American educational institutions have also initiated to accept Gaokao grades.

In the Gaokao exam held in 2013, aspirants were asked to draft an article on how Edison would have responded to the creation of smartphones if he teleported himself to the 21st century. This worlds toughest exam has been the cause of nervousness and anxiety for several Chinese teenagers and has been highly controversial over the years which even captivated many documentary producers globally.

7. The Chartered Financial Analyst Exam

worlds toughest exam

The CFA is not literally an examination degree but is more of professional dignity. Yet it is the most demanding test that professionals in the field of finance tackle to crack, and, subsequently, one of the worlds toughest exam. Consisting of three stages, each stage engages a convoluted six-hour test consisting of 240 questions. Furthermore, after clearing all the three levels the aspirant also needs to attain 2 years of professional practice to secure the CFA charter.

8. The Master Sommelier Diploma Exam

worlds toughest exam

Climbing at the apex of the world’s toughest exams, the Court of Master Sommeliers organizes the Master Sommelier Diploma Exam to strengthen revised standards of beverage service by sommeliers, especially in wine and food pairing. It consists of a blind tasting session with a verbal theory test as well. Since its initiation in 1940, only 229 aspirants have cleared this exam. In the last stage, candidates have to assure that they are familiar with the exact year, date, and province where the wine was prepared. Hence, it is extremely challenging, and the world’s toughest exam.

9. LNAT- National Admission Test for Law

worlds toughest exam

Of course, a law exam had to make it to the list of the world’s toughest exams. Originally organized by the University of Oxford, Law National Aptitude Test is an entrance exam for candidates eager to study Law at the university but with time it has now become the leading law exam in the UK. The test is now introduced by several UK-based institutes and is organized in more than 100 centers around the world.

10. CCIE- Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert

worlds toughest exam

Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert is one of the worlds toughest exam conducted by the Cisco Systems to recruit networking experts. The exam is ramified into 6 sections and is conducted in two stages. Aspirants cracking the first stage are allowed to attempt the second one. The second stage of this exam lasts for 8 hours and the clearing rate is hardly 1%. CCIE certification is recognized as the most renowned certificate in the whole networking industry.

To summarize, these exams definitely aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Congratulations to everyone who has ever cracked any of these examinations or even attempted one of these. You all portray the most academically progressive people of this world. We encourage everyone who has made an effort for these worlds toughest exam at any point in their lives. We hope you keep trying.

All the Best!

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