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Zainab Azim, the World’s Youngest Future Astronaut

Youngest Future Astronaut

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To see the Earth in a single glance. A sign of electrifying courage, passion, or just say enthusiasm, Zainab Azim is what described for. A girl of age 16, ready for a leap in space. But this is something she never thought to be real. Unaware of such an opportunity if existed, she spent her life only dreaming about being in space. Fortunately, her father played an important role to give wings to her space dream and let her be the World’s Youngest Future Astronaut

Let’s know about the girl next door and the secret sauce behind becoming an inspiration for others being a smiling Astronaut.

How the idea came into mind to leave for the stars?

Space is unknown, and it fascinates her the most. With a pair of twinkly eyes, Zainab Azim was grown watching space docuseries with her father. When she was a child, her father instead of reading storybooks for her at night, he would watch ‘How the Universe Works, and ‘Cosmos’ with the family. It made Zainab more curious about what was out there and helped put life into perspective from a young age. And this is the same reason she’s fascinated with the brain: that there’s so much goes inside and we are a part of it, and in a way, it is part of us but we hardly know about it. So this interest was just born out of curiosity and wanted to seek more knowledge, which is one of the most beautiful gifts we have.

Zainab Azim Family

It resulted in her parents who had found Virgin Galactic and decided to get a ticket to space as her 10th birthday gift. They have an intention to inspire young people that anything is possible and to get involved in astronomy and space exploration.

There are many amazing scientists and organizations that are furthering our knowledge of space, but we have not even begun to explore it. There is so much out there, an abundance of knowledge and things beyond our imaginations and that excites her.

Expected feelings to experience?

Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos: A Personal Voyage’ docuseries and now Neil deGrasse Tyson’s own Cosmos series are some that contributed to Zainab’s passion for space exploration.

How one can imagine or anticipate what this type of one once in a lifetime kind of experience could feel like until it happens. She expects this optimism for space exploration opportunity, which increases her awareness of connectedness at a whole different level. To be honest, it does not even feel real to her yet.

Her parents, particularly her father, like to do unimaginable things but she was sure that she can inspire others that any dream can come true. She comments, “you just have to believe in your dreams.”

It is something that she is eternally grateful for, it is inconceivable to her.

“I’m still a kid, kids can’t do that.”

 Zainab Azim

The journey is expected in two years. Virgin Galactic emphasizes safety as their number one priority. So 3 days before the flight, Future Astronauts are required to take part in their extensive pre-flight training program at Spaceport America. The training is to ensure that each person is mentally and physically prepared to make the most out of every second on the flight.

The journey will take approximately 2 hours.

The feel at the Technological Aerospace Cluster (DTA) event

A wave of tremendous excitement was veining through her feelings since she accepted the fact that space is at no more distance. The invitation to attend an international event by Technological Aerospace Cluster (DTA) made her feel like over the moon! She thought “why me?” but she is still so fortunate to be able to be a part of this amazing opportunity, she cannot express how grateful.

Later she participated in the Space Girls, Space Women Exhibition, and met Fiorella, Paris. She said, “I am impressed by the amazing work they are doing to promote the cause. It is a special moment. I strangely do not feel afraid yet, maybe because it still has not quite set in that this is real.”

She thinks growing up with something fascinated is a great experience of living life, but she is still researching what inspires her the most. She believes to use this experience to educate and help others to become astronauts in the future!

The Future after the Space Return

Zainab is all set to rule the space as she wants to continue learning about astronomy and space in the future. She wants to run Astronomy Club at her school and that had given her the chance to learn more and more about space through teaching herself. She thinks the exact reason that she wants to go into neuroscience and study the brain, because it is like a whole universe inside of us, mysterious and magical.

Zainab Azim

She has seen the images and many mini-documentary films showing how they made the journey happens, the challenges they faced, and the ultimately monumental result. She also believes that it should not have to take that much to get us to take care of the earth. She thinks the effects can be seen in our neighborhoods each day and on the news with the increase in floods, earthquakes, and a multitude of detrimental natural disasters.

She concludes the experience of being the World’s Youngest Future Astronaut is special in that we get to see the effects of pollution and climate change on each region in the world. We are looking down at this mess we have made, which has a very strong impact on one’s view of what is happening. She just we can all care enough while we are down here too.

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