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Augmented Reality Companies Revolutionizing Social Media In 2020

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McDonald’s and Coca-Cola use Snapchat Scan that allows users to scan logos to unlock AR lenses and content

Augmented reality is a technology revolution that many brands are incorporating into their websites or apps. Outside of healthcare, government, organizations, and education, AR is changing social media. Facebook and Instagram are set to provide full-fledged AR features to different brands. Snapchat, for example, is leading the AR trend with 400,000 AR lenses with advertisers. In fact, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are now the first brands to use Snapchat Scan that allows users to scan logos to unlock AR lenses and content. Social media is testing on-platform AR features that allow advertisers to integrate AR into mobile news feed ads, allowing potential customers to interact with products before buying.

According to Media post report, social media is the leading (78%) category of apps used to regularly access augmented reality. For advertising, 41% of AR users say they see AR ads regularly. On the upside, users share 61% of the ads they see with others. All of that is creating a sizable opportunity for companies including NexTech AR Solutions, Twitter, Apple, Alphabet, and Snap.

NexTech AR Solutions, the leader in augmented reality (AR) for eCommerce and AR learning applications has announced its 3D augmented reality (3D/AR) solution for eCommerce that aims to integrate seamlessly with Facebook Messenger. The Messenger customer chat plugin allows Nextech to integrate Messenger experiences directly into their customers’ website or mobile website. By offering the same personalized, rich-media experience they get in Messenger only with the added features of 3D/AR assets Nextech’s customers now have a major leg up on their competition.

Sephora, a brand that has already activated its AR features for enhancing the user experience on Facebook. Here, a customer can try different offered products on Facebook messenger and know if a particular product suits them or not. Through the help of AR now customers can make a purchasing decision quickly. They are allowed to try out more different products precisely which was a boring part before. Time matters when a customer wants to make a better purchase. With AR, they can make a trip to the store and try out different products physically. This eliminates the pain of sending back products they ordered online.

Augmented reality has the potential to change the marketing on different social media platforms. It’s time for people to make the most out of this feature through social media.



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