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Basic Education

Why Basic Education Should Not Compromise with Education System?

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Being educated is itself an overwhelming feeling, but it’s not exactly. You learn for the entire life and that’s why education is a never-ending process. However, your effective basic education can thin this definition depends on the education system you belong to. Some say, the education system is far from perfect but there are practices where some good souls are investing their breaths trying to reshape-rewrite education exercises.

To push the bars of the education system to the threshold we must review the factors involved in the system. Factors that are and are not hampering the quality of learning. The very first pillar of the foundation starts from the houses; parents, the first teachers of every learning infant. Then it goes to the teachers and the society, which helps in building the roof. And at last, self-learning. Self-learning may be arguable for its position but it plays a significant role in structuring the walls one builts, decorating them with colors for the entire life. However, those colors fade easily when the given time-period for education turns out to be not enough. This happens when one’s effort gets spoiled by other undeserving incidents. For like, when a brilliant student deserving a quality education is kicked out only because he/she cannot afford the high-priced private seat.

Below are the few practices that erode one’s life, likewise;

More is better

Experiences define one’s life. And the experiences can only be gained through learning. It may be self-learning or learning from others. But it can be affected during one’s schooling. For example, Sometimes teachers allocate more homework to the students so that they can practice the lesson taught in the class. It is good for a subject or two, but not all of them at a time. It will tire the students’ minds and he/she will be less attentive on the next day of the school.

Less is better

Sometimes the school tries to decrease the size of the classroom to give each student ample time to learn and the teacher can also take good care of the individuals. The size of the classroom does not matter; the quality of teaching is the main cause of a good education.

One way communication

The schools are more concerned with covering the course in the given time than students learning. The timetable is set by the respective boards for the schools, which they have to strictly adhere to. This makes them go through the lesson quickly and there is less time to engage students.

Money can buy education

Money and education are not correlated. Money can get a student to a prestigious school which teaches the same thing as the government administrative schools which provide it for free. The learning needs several variables to coordinate to reach a level of satisfaction among all students.

Grades equal to the knowledge

People always like to see what the end result is. They are not concerned about what happened in the middle. If a student really learned the lesson or not, the grades considered to be important to evaluate the knowledge of a student, which is wrong and should not end there.

Burden of expectation

People nowadays put so much pressure on the student that they are unable to cope with it. The expectations of parents, teachers, school, and even the authorities are sometimes put in mind a student in deep troubles.

Linking Education with success

Education is not a competition and should not be treated like that. It is important to impart equal knowledge among all the students. Some get better at it than others, it does not mean the students who get fewer marks does not have the knowledge.

Education crafts our potential future, molds our personality, provides us social skills, and makes us ready for the eventualities in life. Time changes everything, with time these practices also need to change.

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