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British School of Paris: Fostering Tomorrow’s Geniuses with All Round Education

British School of Paris

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One of the key elements that influence students’ overall development is their capacity for creativity. When combined effectively, creativity and curriculum can assist kids in smoothly innovating and learning new things. Creative education, which also encourages students to tackle challenges in the real world, can change their academic careers. One of the most sought-after types of education in today’s innovation-driven environment is creative education. Although many educational institutions are incorporating this into their curriculum, the British School of Paris (BSP) has been an ardent supporter of creative education for 68 years.

England and Wales based Curriculum

The BSP, founded in 1954, is a co-educational British independent day school for students aged 3 to 18. The school is critical in ensuring the continuity of British education for students of all nationalities, especially in response to international mobility. It meets the highest criteria of quality set by British School Overseas and is the only institution in France with the UK government’s accreditation. It is one of the oldest and biggest international British schools in existence. Its educational program is based on the National Curriculum for England and Wales, and it takes a distinctively French approach to teach by combining it with a strong pastoral system.

The BSP is the only British Overseas School in France with full accreditation. It is a high-achieving school with specialized features that provide educational support for both gifted students and those who have particular learning difficulties. All students are encouraged to set lofty goals and routines, and the vast majority of graduates secure admission to the colleges of their choosing around the globe.

The four core values of the BSP are:

  • Excellence and Integrity
  • Determination and Endeavour
  • Community and Service
  • Discovery and Opportunity

The BSP’s Objectives

The BSP strives to offer children of a variety of skills and cultural backgrounds a continuous course of high-quality all-around education from nursery level up to university entrance. The curriculum is based on the ones used in the UK to make it easier for students to move between British International and UK schools.

The school’s objectives are to:

  • To promote each student’s individuality and mental independence while promoting moral excellence, self-control, and respect for other people’s cultures, beliefs, and values.
  • To pursue a hands-on, engaging teaching style that makes use of modern tools and technology to inspire students to be diligent in their work and take ownership of their learning.
  • To create a well-organized atmosphere where discipline is strict without being oppressive, where parents and the school collaborate closely to build a powerful community and to uphold tight ties with the neighborhood commune.
  • To hire and develop employees that are skilled, competent, and motivated to ensure the effective implementation of the educational program.
  • Utilizing specialized programs to aid each child’s growth, to recognize and respond to their requirements.
  • To educate children on issues related to health, safety, and the environment, both globally and as they affect daily life.

Teaching, Learning & Pastoral Care

The school’s pervasive sense of camaraderie fosters an environment conducive to students’ happiness and success. A wide and varied curriculum is provided for the kids, and it is mostly based on the national curriculum of England and Wales. Everyone is encouraged to develop and explore their abilities since the BSP wants to help each student reach their full academic potential. The school has high standards for its faculty and expects students to succeed both inside and beyond the classroom.

Pastoral care is the one-on-one help and direction given to each BSP student, fostering a secure, welcoming environment. The school ensures that students will be successful and happy in that order. Its top priority is that kids enjoy their time in school and quickly and thoroughly integrate into it. The school’s pastoral care is unmatched and supports each student’s academic and learning goals. It supports the School’s overall strategy for teaching and learning and is one of the glaring distinctions of a British education.

Academic & Co-Curricular Excellence

With the BSP’s high academic standards, an excellent pastoral system, and a diverse choice of art, drama, music, sport, and other co-curricular activities, every student is encouraged and expected to flourish academically while also thriving physically, emotionally, and socially.

All students at the BSP have access to a wide range of co-curricular activities, giving them the chance to follow their interests in sports, music, or the arts or to learn a new skill. Many extracurricular activities, particularly sports, include competition with other British and international schools and provide the opportunity to take part in tournaments across Europe. The BSP curriculum’s formative, enlightening, enjoyable, and essential components are its key features.

Campus & Inclusivity

The BSP is pleased with how diversified its membership is. Visitors are frequently astounded by the vast variety of countries, cultures, and backgrounds that students come from when they arrive at the stunning campuses. There are frequent activities to celebrate the Junior School’s internationalism, and the atrium is covered in flags of the home countries. Even though the school uses English for operations and instruction, students might hear French (and other languages) spoken during breaks. The school welcomes everyone who comes to learn here because it values languages.

Why Study at The British School of Paris?

The BSP offers top-notch instruction, a highly individualized approach, a learning atmosphere enhanced by technology, and many chances for cultural and athletic pursuits. Its daily learning environment includes small class sizes, study spaces, well-stocked libraries, first-rate facilities, and the newest technology to keep students interested in their studies. It is a community of contented, self-assured students and helpful, competent staff that offers a stimulating atmosphere in which young people flourish and achieve success.

The major reasons to study at the BSP are:

  • High standards in education.
  • Excellent exam results: In 2022, nearly 95% of all GCSE grades were 9-4 (A*- C), while 92% of A Level students received grades between A* and C.
  • Reputable universities in the UK, the USA, France, and other countries accept BSP students with success.
  • The BSP received outstanding evaluations from the UK’s independent school inspectorate (ISI) in 2011, 2014, and 2019.
  • A strong extracurricular program that promotes excellence in sports, music, the arts, and other activities.
  • A pleasant and rewarding environment with first-rate amenities.
  • Students who are well-rounded, self-assured, and intellectually curious.


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