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Economically Backward Groups To Get RPA Training by Automation Anywhere

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Collaboration between Automation Anywhere and PeopleShores

Automation Anywhere, the top most company for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has joined hands with PeopleShores. The motive of this collaboration is to create jobs for the economically backward communities in the US. They are planning to retrain and up-skill in technology-enabled service centers to make this vision possible.

The company will train employees from PeopleShores on Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019, a purely web-based, cloud-native Digital Workforce Platform. The program had trained around 30 employees, who are now engaged in providing RPA services to clients. PeopleShores is expecting to increase the workforce to 100 process associates. These trainees also go through the certification process organized by Automation Anywhere University that enables them to continue to learn new development in RPA.

The program is to bridge the gap between technology and skill set of the employees

The development of automation in artificial intelligence will see huge growth in jobs. The estimation is that 375 million jobs will be created and the reskilling of these workers will be done by 2030.  RPA is the third fastest growing technology in the US and it is important for the industry to prepare its workforce to handle the situation according to it.

PeopleShore’s aim is to provide the community with the opportunity to learn the skills needed in the corporate sector and engage them in jobs in the organization’s service centers. The people who are associated with PeopleShore belong to different ethnicity, social and economic backgrounds are also challenging. This motivates them to work extra hard, learn and evolve so they can also participate in the nation building.

Neeti Mehta. Co-founder and Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy and Culture of Automation Anywhere said, “Technology creates more jobs than it displaces, but it also leads to employment shifts that we are witnessing today. Our collaboration with PeopleShores underlines the need for organizations to address potential skills gaps related to automation.”



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