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Media Interactiva

Media Interactiva Introduces New tests to intensify Training and Certifications in Amazon Web Services

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Two practice test courses launched for system developers and engineers to get certified for professional training now available at the MeasureUp website.

The Andalusian multinational Media Interactiva, a leader in the edtech industry announces new practice tests to train and certify system developers and engineers in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) innovated by U.S. giant to design applications with much flexibility, scalability, and reliability.This course offers the system developers and engineers to get the most demanded certifications in Amazon Web Services, this involves two practice tests which also combines with training materials to confirm certifications for AWS are now available at MeasureUp website (part of Media Interactiva). Being an overall cloud station and having 165 plus integrated data services globally, AWS is the most widely adopted platform in the world.

Associate – Certified Developer

  • Enhance developer’s knowledge, ability, and skill set demonstrating the capability to enter the skill practices with the AWS ecosystem for application development.
  • DevOps culture oriented, programming applications that do not require a server initiate to run at programming applications.
  • It promotes inclusion of containers in the process of development encourages developers to extract more efficiency which enables them to work at ease.
  • The training for the developers will approve the validation of knowledge and improvement in skill lineup.

Associate- Certified Solutions Architect

  • Validates comprehension and skills as a system engineer and comes up with the progression in the mastery of architectural laws situated on the AWS platform.
  • Aims on development of the knowledge and perfection in the working principles to meet the requirement of the applications and utilize tools within the AWS ecosystem in order to host applications.
  • Tools provided by AWS should be relevantly implementation for secure and reliable applications.
  • Renews the skills in sizing the infrastructure and meeting the demands of these applications by making use of various tools of AWS for application development.
MeasureUp offers to the practice tests and assessments which has expanded for the IT professionals entering into the global industry to encourage digital skills in programs used by the Top companies in the industry. Andalusian multinational Media Interactiva firm on purchase of MeasureUp website since 2014, commenced the progress operation and boosts activity which results in the global sales growth by 30% and nearly 1M practice and assessment exams have been consciously marketed stressing on the Media Interactiva’s business lines.
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