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Established in 1924, High Point University (HPU) partnered with the United Methodist Church and the city of High Point. The university celebrated its United Methodist roots while welcoming students from around the world who represent all beliefs and walks of life. “We are a forward-thinking institution with strong roots. The future success of our students is our focus, and we continually ask executives and major employers what they need in future college graduates,” Nido Qubein, President of High Point University.

As a value-based institution, HPU understands that parents look for a university that reflects the same values they have worked hard to instill for years. The university is a strong combination of forward-thinking and cultural roots. The campus culture reflects the same and can be found in every corner of campus. Asserting the same, Nido says, “We proudly fly the American flag across campus. As someone who came to America from another country, I understand the opportunities America provides and what a great nation this is.”

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Focusing On Life Skills

Since 2005, HPU’s approach was completed transformed with the arrival of Nido as president. The university has been persistently focused on offering programs that meet the demand of the global workplace. HPU has been transforming the education sector by re-engineering the entire academic model focusing on Premier Life Skills, such as the ability to communicate with others, adapt in a rapidly changing world, and solve complex problems. These life skills withstand any technological change ultimately helping in any technical skills. HPU students certainly receive the technical skills they need in state-of-the-art laboratories and experiential learning opportunities. With a change in technology in the future, students will be highly equipped with the life skills to adapt.

Currently, organizations are in search of leaders who are coachable, motivated, and eager to serve and add value. Student graduates from college with those skills, they are prepared for lifelong success and significance. HPU is The Premier life Skills University. Its unique educational model allows the students to blend with employers where they frequently ask them their needs in future employees. While providing the most state-of-the-art education, HPU focus on equipping students with life skills. Technical skills keep changing with the advancements and hence can be taught but life skills are timeless.

Acknowledged and Ranked Worldwide

HPU believes that students rise to the level of their environment. When they learn on campus with facilities that mimic those of major organizations, they won’t be intimidated when they interview for a job or work in these environments. Explaining the same, Nido asserts, “I also believe that if you want to be great, you must walk side by side and hand in hand with great people. That’s why we surrounded students with some 30 sculptures that include history’s most celebrated figures, such as Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Aristotle, and Sally Ride.” These sculptures reflect HPU’s values and teach students that they, too, can accomplish great things.

Transformation is in HPU’s DNA and has been transforming a place that was once called a ‘Dusty old college’ by a journalist into a university that is nationally ranked #1 for Innovation by U.S. News- & World Report and recognized among the nation’s Best 386 Colleges by The Princeton Review, along with numerous other accolades such as Top 20 Career Services in the Nation, #1 Best Dorms in the Nation, and Top 20 Most Beautiful Campuses in the Nation.

As the environment of the university was transformed, every area was designed to meet the needs of the students. Facilities include state-of-the-art sciences labs and classrooms, a TV production studio that rivals the best in the nation, and collaboration spaces that mimic Silicon Valley and corporate settings. Many of the lobbies, common spaces, classrooms, and study spaces were designed to reflect major corporations around the world.

Holistic and Vibrant Campus

Within 6 months of earning their HPU degree, the majority of HPU graduates begin employment or graduate school. HPU’s campus is alive with energy and opportunity—students enjoy the vibrant outdoor spaces (25 plus botanical gardens), recreation center, and intramural fields, and attending a variety of cultural and professional development events. The Office of Career and Professional Development regularly host Premier Life Skills Workshops and invite employers to campus to connect with students.

Every freshman at HPU receives a Success Coach to help them navigate the transition to college and find the perfect major, students and success Coaches collaborate throughout Cottrell Hall, where all of the experiential learning offices are housed. University has a Starbucks inside, along with many study spaces and conference rooms with professional presentation equipment. Students are naturally attracted to this space, where they are intentionally exposing them to the opportunity to meet with a Career Advisor, Study Abroad Advisor, Success Coach, as well as opportunities with the Office of Undergraduate Research, Sales Center, and Center for Entrepreneurship.

The entire campus is filled with staff and faculty committed to student success. Likewise, every corner intentionally supports the holistic health of students, whether physically, academically, spiritually, mentally, or professionally.

Transformation Equals High Point University

The arrival of COVID-19 shattered the world with numerous challenges—the education sector being at the top. In the beginning, it reduced the pace of education worldwide, and gradually, it changed the overall approach of education institutes. Though, novel coronavirus could not stop the unprecedented growth of HPU. “Transformation is in our DNA. So, in the spring when the pandemic began, Roger was commissioned a Health and Safety Task Force of campus leaders that prepared our campus. Today, they continue to guide us through the continual review of safety protocols,” says Nido.

When the world was skeptical about the crisis, HPU implemented all the safety protocols as the priority. While many schools shifted primarily to digital learning during the fall 2020 semester, numerous student achievements dropped, but skills that students develop during in-person learning experiences continued to grow. The university has been developing innovative educational programs for many years, from the School of Health Sciences with a physical therapy doctoral program and physician assistant master’s program to the new Webb School of Engineering. During the pandemic, the Health and Safety Task Force was ready with robust plans and protocols and continued to review and refine with the conditions shift.

Concluding the achievements of the university, Nido states, “Our students and parents continually requested in-person learning because our campus is grounded in mentorship and real-world experiences. We completed the fall semester safely and successfully in person because of our willingness to transform and our commitment to the safety and success of our students.”

Nido Qubein

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