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Pukekohe East School: Nurturing Children’s Future with Best Learning Techniques


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Building a generation of children with strong ethics, appropriate education, and values is a great task. Education is the important and only key to nurturing children and reshaping them into good students. These students can become great leaders in the future and help build the nation. Catering to the needs of modern students, various schools have started offering education in different sectors. Pukekohe East School is one such institution that is providing excellent primary education to students through its vision and values.  

100-Year Legacy

Pukekohe East School has a rich history that dates back 125 years. Established in 1863, the school is one of the oldest schools in the Franklin area of Auckland, New Zealand. This institution is a semi-rural school and is situated in Pukekohe, nearly 5 km away from Pukekohe township. It has strong historical roots as well as stories of community involvement and high expectations of students. Moreover, the school believes in promoting children to become confident lifelong learners who are connected to the school community and environment. With the motto of “strive to learn and learning to strive”, it not only emphasizes growth, development, and growing as a learner but also as a whole.

Vision and Values at Core

The school strives to achieve success with four primary values which it keeps at the heart of learning:

  • Maramatanga: In English, it is known as Enlightenment. The Pukekohe East School community strives for enlightenment and learning through hard work and self-motivation. This value reminds the school to always try the best possible and achieve the highest potential.
  • Manaakitanga: Its English meaning is Caring. The Pukekohe East School community cares and is respectful in all communications with others. The school cares for all people around it and gives support to those who need it the most. This value inculcates skills of mindful behavior with others as well as keeping appropriate interactions.
  • Kaitiakitanga: Guardianship is the most important factor any school possesses. The school strives for a peaceful environment. For that, it takes various responsibilities. Furthermore, it supports the beautiful and natural feel of the school. This value teaches us to respect the school environment and wider community area.
  • Whanaungatanga: It simply means ‘Belonging’. The Pukekohe East School community is all-inclusive. The school makes sure that it creates space for others as well as supports each other to achieve goals. As this value reminds the community that everyone is on their own journey, it is very important to support each other as well as include everyone in the community.

Valuable Curriculum for Tamariki

The Pukekohe East School provides a robust and interesting curriculum experience for the tamariki (children) at the school. The school curriculum includes sectors such as Literacy, Numeracy, Arts, Science/Technology, and Health & Personal Education.

  • Literacy: Literacy helps students to seek out new information, explore different subjects, and gain extra knowledge. Added to the lively environment and latest technologies, school education can enhance the skills of students. The Pukekohe East School uses both manual and digital skills to groom students. This helps them to develop and progress through the school curriculum and in challenging and fun environments.
  • Numeracy: Mathematics and numeracy skills are the basic building blocks of students’ education. At The Pukekohe East School, it focuses on Problem-solving using mathematical skills and knowledge. In the school’s opinion, it is a key to developing numerate students. The school strikes the balance between knowledge taught and skills learned by using the developed skills of students in real-world problem-solving challenges. The reason behind this is to create retention through authority for skills learned by children.
  • Arts: Along with numerical skills, students must have a heart for arts and culture. They play an important role in developing students’ artistic sides and making ways for their creativity. The school takes care of all and provides students with various opportunities in visual art, singing, music, and dance. To boost students’ confidence and give them a platform for their arts, the school arranges a school musical production every second year. It also arranges Pet Day every year. The school cherishes these memories by saying, “It is a good opportunity to see some of the beautiful visual pieces the children create”.
  • Science and Technology:  In today’s advanced and fast-paced world, students must have knowledge about various new technologies as well as scientific discoveries. Science and technology education is a part of inquiry at The Pukekohe East School. At a very young age, students are inculcated with the versatile concepts of science as well as real-time experiences of technology. This is the right time to promote curiosity and build a world of questions around them. To promote this curiosity in students, the school uses numerous topics, activities, and provocations.
  • Health and Personal Education: Being a rural school, The Pukekohe East School encourages students to run, play, and take part in various sports. It competes in most sporting competitions around the Franklin area and has School Cross Country as well as athletics every year. As it is a health-promoting school, it encourages healthy food in lunchboxes and educates students as well as parents on the importance of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Recently, the school has introduced a new sector called te ao māori. As the name suggests, this study acknowledges the interconnection between all living and non-living things. Being a rural education institute, the school supports te ao māori. It is at the start of the New Aotearoa history curriculum. As this journey is new, it is adhering to the four values of Maramatanga, Kaitiakitanga, Manaakitanga, and Whanaungatanga throughout the school.

Excellent Staff

Teachers are the backbone of the school and The Pukekohe East School is blessed with an excellent team of teachers. With refurbished classrooms and outstanding study methods, students thrive in the best educational environment. The staff at school is committed to providing the best outcomes for the students they teach wherever they are on their learning journeys. They are passionate about what they do and work hard to guide the tamariki as they move through the school. Moreover, the school has a strong board of trustees and this group makes a great impact on the school’s process and environment. Board meetings are held monthly and the school calendar is advertised. The school makes it available on its official website and Skool loop app. It also has a charter strategic and annual plan to clearly make pathways for a better future for students.

For Students, by School

Children of age 7-8 are just like seeds through which successful trees can be grown. The Pukekohe East School takes care of students and caters to their needs. Additionally, if the students have any concerns or complaints about anything, the school has a complaint-resolving process in three steps. Students’ issues are solved with the following steps:

  • Raise the Concern: If students have any general concerns about the school or its programs, then they can discuss them with the person involved or respective members of management. If they have concerns about the staff or school activity, they can directly approach the respective person with the help of the management. If the parents have concerns about their own child, then they can contact their respective teachers or principal to discuss the matter.
  • Resolve the concern: According to the school, most cases are resolved informally with constructive discussions. If in case, the person/student who filed a complaint is not satisfied with the solution, they may directly go to the principal, a member of the management team, or a board member of chair people.
  • Follow-up and Feedback: Every concern and complaint includes follow-ups and regular checking. It checks whether the solutions have been implemented or not. The effectiveness of the solution may be fed back to the respective person.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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