Spony Makes Sponsorship Super Easy for All Events

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The revolutionary app is way effective and fastest to Get or Give sponsors

Spony, a new event-sponsoring app in the market is the new talk among event organizers. A revolutionary tool that makes sponsorships simple. It is a free and location-based mobile app that makes the process of sponsoring and finding a sponsor extremely simple and faster. Event owners of any size can post a request for sponsorship and connect with interested sponsors in a matter of minutes. Also, individuals and small business nearby who are willing to become a sponsor can reach out with just one tap on their phone.

Scenarios around sponsorship and how Spony can deal those

Sponsorship is one of the most efficient and fastest-growing forms of marketing and advertising; however, organizers have their own practical challenges. As of yet, still, it’s difficult for individuals or small organizations to quickly request sponsorship for their events. And on the other hand, there’s also isn’t an easy way for small business owners to find and collaborate with local events that are looking for sponsorships and are willing to promote products/services in exchange.

  • Spony understands some of the main problems businesses face lies in localized advertising and marketing. In order to tackle those, Spony comes in to provide a solution that saves time and
    money while effectively helping business owners and connects with prospective customers who are in high demand.
  • It enables any individual or organization of any size to request and receive sponsorships in exchange for advertisements and promotions. And, in turn, it allows small businesses to fund
    affordable, hyper-local marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Open to everyone and every event, Spony offers easy sponsorships to a personal event, college event,
    workplace function, family gatherings, or any other activity.

Currently present in 16 countries, Spony mobile app has launched on 5th July, in several countries including the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Spony, with a mission to make sponsorship super easy to everyone, it offers some key features in addition to the above that can define it as a platform for everyone and every event:

Speed:  Event owners and sponsors are connected in minutes.

Real-time connections: Spony provides an in-app chat coordinated with instant notifications in order to keep our users connected 24/7.

Intuitive, user-friendly design: The app is way simple as it doesn’t require any special skills from the user. Anyone can use Spony without prior experience with sponsorships.

Save money & time: Event owners can cut costs by requesting sponsorships and their sponsors that can save money on their advertising budget.



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