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The British School Al Khubairat: Providing High-Quality Education with Numerous Opportunities

The British School Al Khubairat

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Everything in the modern world is evaluated using standardized criteria, and the educational sector is no exception. “Quality and approach” are two of the most important considerations. The status of a school is determined by the approach and the standard of its education. Students who receive high-quality education can hone their abilities and reach their full potential as citizens. Therefore, it is crucial to choose educational institutions that have the right approach with up-to-date curricula and unique study plans.

The British School Al Khubairat was established in 1968 and was supported by a land donation and Amiri Decree No. 5 of 1971. It was founded with the vision of the late President of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The school, which was later renamed the British School Al Khubairat (BSAK) in 1980, is one of the oldest institutions in Abu Dhabi and a melting pot of cultures.

Mission & Principles

BSAK’s mission is to build on its distinctive local tradition while offering a top-notch British education that motivates all of its students to go above and beyond. Its goal is to foster a genuine love of learning by offering the best instructors, direction, and assistance in a non-profit setting.

The school’s core ideals are the reason for its outstanding success. To properly uphold its principles, the school is committed to:

  • Endeavour & Resilience
  • Empathy & Care
  • Respect & Inclusivity
  • Honesty & Integrity

Staff & Strong Community

The staff at BSAK creates an environment where memories endure a lifetime and kids are motivated for their exciting future. The school employs a group of highly skilled, enthusiastic professionals that sincerely care about helping each student reach their maximum potential on all fronts—ethically, socially, and professionally. Together, they aim to bring out the best in each student by assisting them in identifying, nurturing, and showcasing their skills.

The senior management team is unwavering in their ambition and determination to increase attainment, and maintain the highest standards of accomplishment, for all students regardless of their ability.

The parents’ and governors’ personal investment and dedication enrich the community at BSAK. The School has a rich history and has served as the hub of the Abu Dhabi community ever since it was formed. Governors are very proud of this.

International School Award

In 2017, BSAK received the International School Award (ISA) at its highest level from The British Council. The School celebrated its achievement of becoming the first international school to get full accreditation of the British Council’s International School Award, along with The Dubai British School Jumeirah Park (ISA).

The school is honored to be acknowledged for its global perspective, which is demonstrated in projects like innovative language learning, collaboration with partner institutions throughout the globe, and the promotion of cultural sensitivity, global citizenship, and environmental awareness. 

BSAK is rated outstanding in all 8 standards, including

  • The overall level of educational quality
  • The growth of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social, and cultural selves
  • Student health, welfare, and safety provisions
  • The ability of the employees
  • Locations and amenities
  • Information is made available to parents, potential parents, and the public.
  • Process for dealing with complaints.
  • Management & leadership at the school

Academic Grouping

All academically gifted students are encouraged and challenged at BSAK to develop into well-rounded individuals who are prepared to move on to the next level of their study and live their lives outside of Abu Dhabi and BSAK. Three stages are used to group students considering their age:

  1. Primary

Students are nourished and challenged at the vibrant, joyful, and dynamic BSAK Primary School through a varied and engaging British curriculum. The school seeks to nurture learners who are enthusiastic and self-assured in all facets of school life.

BSAK stands out not only for its history and amenities but also for the warmth and joy that permeate the neighborhood.

  1. Secondary

The BSAK Secondary experience includes full participation in all the school’s offerings, including leadership opportunities and extracurricular activities, besides pursuing academic success. The school fosters the development of independence and highly successful personal attributes that enable students to engage with the diversity of individuals they are likely to meet through its global approach to education. Resilience, hard effort, creativity, and passion are its primary focuses.

These future leaders have the proper start, and the school expects to watch them advance through the years and enroll in the top colleges around the globe.

  1. Sixth Form

The distinguished Sixth Form offered by BSAK offers a remarkable selection of A Levels, BTEC, and Creative Arts routes, besides dedication to meeting the needs of students in a constantly evolving university environment.

The students consistently receive excellent exam results, and the alumni enroll in the world’s most prestigious universities and challenging programs.

Scholars Program

BSAK Scholars Program is a set-up plan to support its most gifted kids. This is known as the “gifted and talented program” or the “most able student’s provision” in many schools, and most schools offer a similar program.

The “BSAK Scholars Programme” works alongside the academic, athletic, and musical opportunities that are available to everyone and is ‌an enhancement of the great provision the school provides for every student.

The program serves as a simple means of ensuring that the school provides opportunities to both stretch and push the most gifted students, enabling them to outperform their expectations and achieve the highest levels possible while enrolled in the institution.

Co-Curricular at BSAK

The School provides a wide variety of co-curricular activities for both primary and secondary students, enhancing everyone’s educational experience. Each term, students have a wide selection of academic, extracurricular, musical, athletic, and performing arts activities to choose from. These activities foster teamwork, the development of skills, and self-assurance in a supportive learning environment.

In secondary, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Model United Nations (MUN), a wide variety of academic groups, and many trips and visits are additional activities available.


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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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