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7 Important Self Evaluation Tips to Present Your Best Version

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Every company has its unique process for assessing the performance of employees. The whole evaluation procedure by the talent acquisition systems at organizations supports the authority to analyze employees’ contributions to the company. Apart from the nail-biting reviews, the most critical part to tackle is “self evaluation”, also known as “self-awareness”, “self-analysis”, and “self-assessment”. It is the best way to examine and highlight one’s strengths and accomplishments.

Before diving into different aspects of self evaluation, let us first seewhat is self evaluation?

According to toolshero, self evaluation is the process of systematically observing, analyzing, and improving one’s own actions or results. This process basically checks the ability to examine to find out how much you have developed yourself. It also includes evaluating strengths and weaknesses as well as knowledge and experience in particular areas. Cultivating self evaluation boosts confidence and creativity. Moreover, it brings out stronger relationships and effective communication skills.

Why is Self Evaluation Important?

As stated by John Wooden, without proper self evaluation, failure is inevitable. For personal growth, the first step is an honest assessment of your current position and value in the organization and market. Such a powerful technique is important in numerous ways. It helps in-

  • Aligning personal and professional goals
  • Building a strong path for development in the organization
  • Gaining greater insights and striving for future goals
  • Identifying the areas of improvement
  • Increasing problem-solving capacity
  • Feeling valued and motivated to learn new skills

Keeping the above benefits in mind, self evaluation plays a prime role in long-term career success. There are several methods of reflection that can be used to carry out self-assessment. At the workplace, employees can do their analysis before facing the final interview. Here are 7 important tips for an effective self evaluation.     

  1. Be Punctual

Self evaluation is a long process and it must be carried out in a timely manner. Eleventh-hour assessments may portray a different picture as they contain inadequate information about the work and accomplishments. You should dedicate a specific amount of time to analyzing and gathering your progress, achievements, and relevant details. Obeying the due date and working on the parameters given by the seniors is the most important part of the process.

  1. Be Honest and Speak for yourself

Be honest and truthful about the work. Whether you have completed your goals or not, speak for every action you take while you are on the project. Be aware of your potential and set your vision according to the same. Even if you haven’t completed the targets or succeeded in the tasks, take the responsibility to show genuine efforts for your personal improvement. Additionally, do not forget to mention the volunteer work you have done for the company’s mission.  

  1. Be Specific-Introduce with Examples
 Self Evaluation be-specific-introduce-with-examples

Explaining your work and key points is the most important part of the whole process. However, if that presentation is not up to the mark and has a generalized approach, then it will affect the entire assessment. Specificity leads to clear contextualization and for that try to give examples for your statement. Vagueness spoils the importance of your work and impacts your overall performance. For example, if you have helped build an android software, then you must specify your area of work, and share your contribution and timesheets.

  1. Present Positive Side of Weaknesses
 Self Evaluation present-positive-side-of-weaknesses

In SWOT analysis, assessing and overcoming weaknesses has a top priority. However, your flaws can be your enemies if you don’t represent them in a proper way. Accept your shortcomings and look at them as opportunities for your personal development. It is the best exercise to know your limitations, gather information about your past performances, and find out ways of refinement. While showcasing your weaknesses, always try to emphasize the positive side, avoiding negative terms such as failure, inability, etc. For example, avoid saying “This is what I am weak at”. Instead, you can rephrase the sentence to “This is where I can make progress”. Such positive structured sentences help to impress your superiors.

  1. Track your Accomplishments
 Self Evaluation track-your-accomplishments

Honesty, transparency, and good representation do make your self evaluation better. However, keeping track of your work gives a complete scenario of what you have done in the past. Most people tend to neglect important data from the past and focus on recent activities and achievements. As the impact of tracing the workflow is significant, always focus on maintaining a document or book that includes every detail of your accomplishments every month. This helps in writing a positive and comprehensive report.

  1. Invest Enough Time in Statistical Data

Providing statistical data to prove your accomplishments and positive points is the best way to impress your superiors as well as to connect the data and performance together. If you put your performance only in the form of theory, the generalized representation may have some loopholes. Adding numeric values and quantifiable figures to your theory breaks the stereotypical method of assessment. Metrics included in the statistical data provide evidence and are the affirmations to your claims as well as sources of essential knowledge.

  1. Use STAR Method

While writing the performance review report, the STAR method is one of the best methods that provide relevant and actionable feedback. Usually, this procedure is used in managerial level inspections. However, as a leader, suggesting the employees to use the STAR method makes their tasks uncomplicated. Employees can describe their Situation (S) or Task (T), the Actions (A) he/she took to accomplish the task, and the final Results (R). This method gives you the ability to explain your accomplishments.

Benefits of Self Assessment

By including self evaluation as a part of the performance management process, individuals can shape their careers. It is not only beneficial for the employees but also advantageous to employers and higher authorities to map the smooth functioning.

  • Active Engagement

With the right approach to the assessment, employees can actively participate in the process which creates maximum engagement in the appraisal system. It boosts the involvement of employees, encouraging the review process.

  • Better Insights

It provides better insights to the employers as well as employees of their performance. As minor nuances affect the overall process, in-depth insights give a broader perspective of any individual’s workflow.

  • Rating and Raise

It helps spot where more efforts can be added or more values can be given to the work process. This increases productivity and based on such performance, higher authorities can recommend the employees for promotion or raise.

Whether you are an honest and sincere employee or a responsible and trustworthy employer, self evaluation is critical to understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, it improves employee behaviors that constitute a stronger work culture and wide perspectives. The tips mentioned above give a way for constructive participation in evaluation. Self evaluation, for sure, is a great opportunity to introspect and become the best versions of ourselves. 

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