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mental health

How has the Work Environment affected the mental health?

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Key Highlights

  • The mental health of the employee is affecting because of the poor workplace.
  • Employees face problems like discrimination and lack of communication.
  • Organizations are taking steps for a better workplace.

Mental health struggle

Hygiene factor like work environment is important for the employee. Support from the sub-ordinate and senior plays a very important role. De-centralized communication should be there in the organization. But sometimes it is not the case. Too much burden and autocratic type of leader make the environment very tense. Employees start feeling depressed and start hating the workplace. All these factors also affect their personal life and disturb their mental health. Younger generations grow more vocal about their mental-health struggles.

They are coming up with the other factors cause mental illness.


We have all heard about workplace diversity. We should respect every people. Irrespective of age, gender, and color. But these things are still happening. Racism and bullying led to a lack of work-life balance and career instability. Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya, a London-based psychiatrist and mental health professional, is hesitant to associate these forms of workplace-induced trauma with the clinical definition of PTSD. However, he confirms that this damage is real, though he notes workers may conflate trauma with developing PTSD, and may possibly be experiencing other anxiety or depression disorders instead. It’s not a recent term, but studies over the last two decades have demonstrated its growing importance and some employees have come to refer to it as “workplace PTSD.”

Wrong use of power and authority

Power imbalances between managers and lower-level employees are a significant factor; in hierarchical environments. Workers can find it particularly difficult to complain to bosses. High-level management is centralized and not ready for ideas and suggestions. This weakens the system and the company started facing an error.

Lack of communication

A lack of communication may become much more problematic. Employees may be irritated by ineffective contact, which breeds mistrust and misunderstanding. Workers’ loyalty and dedication to the company can suffer if they don’t have open lines of contact with one another and with management and if they don’t feel noticed.

Change in the workplace

Along with the monetary benefit, companies are also taking care of the employees.

  • Give them respect and treat them equally irrespective of their background. Talent has no background. You should respect their talent and motivate them for better work.
  • Give them the freedom to share thoughts. Appreciate their work and concern about the organization.
  • With cell phones making connectivity easier, workers are now expected to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether it’s a Saturday or a Sunday. This level of adaptability should not only be required of them, but nowadays organizations are also giving them flexible times.
  • Even after putting in 100 percent effort, a team can struggle to achieve the desired results. As a planner, your strategy should be to examine each finished project for faults and errors and to teach your subordinates better execution techniques.

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