University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law: Introducing the Legacy of Distance-Learning in Legal Education

University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law

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With advancements in technology, the education system has witnessed incredible changes and updates in its teaching patterns. International institutes are offering online education to students globally. While this change towards online education has been embraced by almost all facets of the education sector, some are doing it exceptionally well.

The University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law is one of those schools Since its establishment in 1973, UNH Franklin Pierce has been dedicated to innovation to ensure that it meets the latest and future educational needs and expands access to such programs for its students, notes Associate Dean for Administration and Enrollment Shane Cooper.  UNH Franklin Pierce has expanded accessibility of legal education on several new frontiers, including a unique specialized mostly-online JD program – the first of its kind – and graduate online certificate, Masters, and LLM programs designed for working professionals located around the world. All of their online courses are provided asynchronously to meet the needs of these professionals and are supplemented by in-person learning opportunities.

Meeting the Future’s Educational Needs

The Hybrid JD in Intellectual Property, Technology, and Information Law is designed for working professionals in the tech sector so that they can learn while staying in their homes and jobs. The Hybrid JD in IP is designed to launch the leaders of tomorrow.  Intellectual property is the legal framework surrounding human innovation and creativity, and is the primary driver of the global economy.  UNH Franklin Pierce has had a top-10 program in intellectual property law for the last 30 years, and has launched the careers of lead tech and IP attorneys at companies like Samsung, Bayer, Microsoft, LG, Disney, WeWork, Turner Broadcasting, Mastercard, and Fox Studios.  The Hybrid JD provides an innovative way to expand the accessibility and reach of a law degree through a carefully designed schedule of select residential periods and combined synchronous and asynchronous delivery platforms. The program offers parity in teaching and services with UNH Franklin Pierce’s residential program. By offering a specialized JD degree in a mostly online format, UNH Franklin Pierce is making a gold standard legal education accessible to people wherever they are located.  

As for the school’s LLM, masters and certificate programs, UNH Franklin Pierce is committed to making them accessible worldwide, says Sarah Dorner, Director of International and Graduate Admissions. “We have online options that allow lawyers and nonlawyers to pursue a postgraduate degree in specialized areas of the law. These programs assist our students in acquiring skills to be a leader in their field with our innovative curriculum and practice-based approach to a legal education in the areas of intellectual property (IP) law and international criminal law and justice.” UNH Franklin Pierce’s masters programs offer the flexibility today’s online learner needs; they can be molded to suit each student’s individual situation so that they can effectively balance career, family, and educational commitments. 

A Variety of Programs

UNH Franklin Pierce has been offering various trailblazing courses for the last 50 years. The school has maintained its top ranking in offering US legal education in global innovation. It ranks fourth in Intellectual Property program offerings in the US. In total, the law school offers the following programs:

  1. Juris Doctor (JD)
  2. Hybrid JD in Intellectual Property, Technology, and Information Law
  3. LLM in Intellectual Property
  4. Masters in Intellectual Property (MIP)
  5. LLM in International Criminal Law and Justice
  6. Masters in International Criminal Law and Justice (MICLJ)
  7. LLM in Commerce and Technology
  8. Masters in Commerce and Technology (MCTL)
  9. Intellectual Property Graduate Certificate
  10. Commerce and Technology Graduate Certificate

Graduating from the law school also enables students to join its alumni network in 80 countries around the world while pursuing online education. It also offers clinics, institutes, and immersive programs for students to take advantage of the many benefits of a US-based education. Students praise the innovative and interactive education and opportunities provided by the school.

Simplified Learning Process

There is a considerable difference between distance learning and physical learning, but UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law has closed that gap by ensuring social interaction and student engagement through group tasks in online learning. The online platforms help the faculty to focus on each student and their learning style. Professors at UNH Franklin Pierce arrange individual meetings for students, and each student has own faculty advisor. In the first two weeks of the semester, professors spend considerable time with each student and have a conversation regarding online learning, the challenges faced by the students, and the solutions. To increase the participation of students in the programs, professors may assign group tasks. According to Prof. Albert “Buzz” Scherr, chair of the online International Criminal Law and Justice program, online learning gives more opportunities for group work than face-to-face learning. Discussion boards and topic arguments boost participation significantly. Moreover, a personalized feedback system ensures the students acquire confidence and perform well in their education.

One of the great advantages of online teaching is that you have more tools at your disposal for teaching to different learning styles than you do with face-to-face teaching.” says Prof. “Buzz” Scherr.

Distance learning comes with a long range of advantages where time is not a constraint. Physical residential classes can only cover one topic while online classes often require more detailed explanations. With such conversations, the flow of information exchange continues and helps the students to acquire more knowledge. Several online tools help different learning styles and students can understand the importance of written assignments, research projects, and discussion forums.

Plans for a Bright Future

As Rebecca Purdom, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, states: “Our online program builds on the law school’s long history of innovative work, providing a point of entry for students from around the globe who wish to be part of UNH Franklin Pierce’s legacy of IP innovation and instruction. The alumni network of UNH Franklin Pierce graduates span the globe and with an online program students can now be part of that network and legacy while pursuing an online degree.”

UNH Franklin Pierce, is continuously upgrading its educational programs for its students. Moreover, it aims to provide rich and interactive guidance for a healthy atmosphere. UNH Franklin Pierce builds up confidence in its students, assuring students they can and will achieve their educational and professional goals.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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