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Washable smart clothes

Washable smart clothes will monitor your health in the future

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Key Highlights:

  • Engineers at Purdue University have found a way to transform current fabric products into battery-free wearables.
  • These smart clothes will outperform traditional passive clothing.
  • The new technique can be manufactured in standard, large-scale sewing facilities.

Purdue University engineers have developed a method for converting current fabric products into battery-free, laundry-resistant wearables. These smart clothing are wirelessly charged by a flexible, silk-based coil sewed into the fabric.

Smart Clothes, Smart Companion

Washable smart clothes

Because of their small electronic circuits and sensors, these smart clothing will surpass traditional passive clothing, allowing you to easily interface with your phone, computer, automobile, and other machinery. This smart gear will not only make you more productive but will also monitor your health and call for help if you have an accident. The manufacture of this smart clothing is rather difficult, as garments must be cleaned on a regular basis, and electronics dislike water.

Purdue engineers have created a novel spray/sewing technology for converting any normal fabric item into battery-free wearables that can be washed in the washing machine. The Purdue smart garments, unlike other wearables, do not require batteries to operate. The garments may power the electronics sewed on the textile by simply gathering energy from Wi-Fi or radio waves in the surroundings.

A battery-free glove, for example, glows its fingertips whenever the user comes into contact with a live cable to warn of the danger of an electric shock. Another example is a tiny heart monitoring device sewed on a washable sweatband that can monitor the wearer’s health state.

A New Perception of Clothing

Washable smart clothes

Such wearable gadgets, powered by ubiquitous Wi-Fi signals, will change our perception of clothes as more than simply a warm garment, but as wearing instruments meant to assist us in our everyday lives, monitor our health, and safeguard us from accidents.

Martinez and his colleagues collaborated with the Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization to safeguard intellectual property. Patents are being sought for inventions.

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