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Paradigm to Support Children Suffering from Catastrophic Parental Condition

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Kid’s Chance comes forward to withstand education opportunities

Paradigm with the most connected and experienced team in health care has announced an expansion of the company’s scholarship referral program to Kids’ Chance. A nonprofit with 47 state organizations throughout the United States that are dedicated to providing scholarships and educational support to children affected by a parent’s work-related injury or death.

For the inclusive environment, Paradigm’s effort for the referral program will now add referrals from the company’s Complex Care Solutions division. This new aid will layer the benefit of Catastrophic Care Management, which referrals have been successfully made for the past three years.

Kids’ Chance in arms the needy

Traumatic events devastate a family, leave people in misery. The support from Kids’ Chance will help ease a family’s burden. Paradigm, mastered in solving catastrophic and complex health care challenges, now emerges more to help fulfill Kids’ Chance Founder Robert Clyatt‘s vision of making college an achievable dream for all children. The program more focuses on first-generation college students and those who lack the opportunity for higher education.

In an effort to provide greater assistance to the families of injured workers;

  • Paradigm’s nurse case managers for both divisions are willing to attempt to identify families with qualifying children of all ages during the injured worker’s recovery process.
  • The team will share information about Kids’ Chance, including referral to register for the Planning for the Future initiative even if the child(ren) are not yet of college-age.
  • The program will maintain contact information of the registered families, and reach out with scholarship information as children approach college age.
  • By identifying eligible children at an early age, Paradigm’s referral program will lay the groundwork for college with support and assistance.

Crutches to fit children into education

As Kids’ Chance’s largest corporate sponsor, Paradigm has been committed to providing support to the children of workers catastrophically affected by workplace accidents. The mission to transform the lives of children affected by a parent’s work-related injury or death by helping them pursue their educational dreams without financial burden. Since its inception in 1988, with Paradigm’s support Kids’ Chance organizations have awarded over 7,300 scholarships totaling over $24,000,000 in scholarship funds.

Moreover, Kid’s Chance of America grows its impact through support from corporate partners, as well as private donors. Recently, former Paradigm CEO Jim Hudak donated $1 million to establish the Kid’s Chance of America Endowment Program, the largest individual contribution ever received by the organization.


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