HITN’s Launches SVOD Edye, Offers Preschool Learning

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Claro Video added Edye to its educational and entertainment offering includes teaching guides for parents and educators.

HITN, the leading Spanish-language network that offers educational and entertainment content to families in more than 44 million households across the United States, announced the simultaneous launch in the US and Latin America of Edye, its subscription video-on-demand service for pre-schoolers.

Brooklyn based HITN features the market’s most varied educational and entertainment content, and designed for parents’ peace of mind, Edye will be available in Mexico and across Latin America on Claro Video starting April 30.

Claro Video is one of the farthest-reaching media companies in Latin America.

Guillermo Sierra, General Manager of Television and Digital Services at HITN commented, “We are thrilled to bring Edye to Mexico via Claro.” “This new platform offers the type of entertainment Mexican parents want for their kids: content that promotes formative values and education in a safe space, carefully selected by a professional team who are parents themselves,” he added.

Edye streams content for both children and adults

Edye‘s content offering includes the latest seasons of “Hotel Furchester,” a series set in a charmingly chaotic hotel managed by a family of monsters, featuring Elmo and the Cookie Monster. Other short-format Sesame Workshop productions available on the new streaming service include “El Camión de Comida de Cookie Monster“; “Las pequeñas Aventureras,” with Abby Cadabby and Susasana Gusana; and “Mundo de Elmo,” which features interactive games that help preschool-aged children understand mathematical concepts such as sorting and counting.  Young audiences can also enjoy the animated production “Abeja Maya,” as well as “Sarah y Pato,” the adventures of a girl and her inseparable best friend, Duck.

Alberto Islas, Claro video’s General Director said, “It is a pleasure to welcome to Edye’s content to Claro video, without a doubt, this is an important addition to our platform which expands the variety of titles available for children.” “The diversity of shows included in Edye such as: ‘Sesame Street’, ‘Bob the Builder’, and ‘Elmo’s World’, will give parents who seek educational content for their children, more options for their kids to enjoy which of course they will find in Claro video,” he assured.

Additionally, the Edye website, www.edye.tv, contains educational guides in Spanish with ideas for how parents can take advantage of the content to create learning opportunities for spending quality time with their children.  In the near future, the platform will also add a variety of educational games and electronic books.

Over the course of this year, Edye will continue to expand its distribution via other Pay TV, Internet, and mobile phone providers in the United States and Puerto Rico.



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