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What Are the Various Types of Student Accommodation in Sydney?

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Going to a college or school far away from your hometown is a hurdle. You have to be comfortable with a new place in a short period. Also, the fact that no one is present in your family, friends, and relatives can be quite a burden. In such situations having an excellent place to stay and rely upon is a good option.

In a faraway place, for example, Sydney, the first thing folks should do after finalizing their university is to check for the available student housing in Sydney. Sydney gets international students from various ethnicities totaling at least 35,000. Even though it is the 11th most expensive city in the world, international students get options to work part-time, which covers many costs. One should start looking for student accommodations as soon as possible to avoid high prices.

When to Look For?

When fellows get a seat in their college, they should immediately start looking for the student accommodation available in its vicinity. In case they aren’t sure, out of the two or three colleges in which they will be finally selected, they should talk to the housing provider and check out the areas nearby. This would be even better if they could find a place closer to any of the two or a few workplaces if they plan to work part-time. Doing so, one would be able to find a place cheaper, would not have to run about at the end moment, and could also get a place close to the market.

Having to runabout for available student housing can be very difficult, and in the worst-case scenario, you can’t find one available. In Sydney, at least 21% of pupils enrol in universities which is more than three times the enrollment rate in other countries. Of the 21%, 48% take master’s degrees, followed by doctoral and bachelor’s degree candidates.

Types of Student Accommodations

When looking for student accommodation and you have the time, there are various options you can choose. With the different degrees and working life of the students, they would have different living needs. Knowing the different needs of the students, four types of accommodation are available. These four types are explained below briefly for your better understanding.

● Purpose Built

These are places specially built for housing students. These places are built near universities or schools for the student’s convenience with all the essential facilities. But sometimes pupils would have to share the bathrooms and kitchens. Other amenities can be available, such as a dining hall/TV room, depending on the accommodation you choose.

Folks will get affordable yet well-designed stays in cities such as Central Park, Summer Hill, Broadway, Redfern, and Chatswood.  

● Rentals

These are places that you have to search for yourself or go to an estate agent for the same. These places can have a utility provider or have a variety from which you can choose. Here you have to be careful of any extra costs that you might have to cover. It benefits those who like control over their lives, want to stay alone, and need more space for themselves.

● Homestays

These places are not available for the whole year. Instead, the first time you just come to Australia, it is available for one or two months. It helps international students to settle in easily and start looking for other staying options. These places are usually homes of the locals in the nearby area, about which you need to ask your university.

● Residential Colleges

These are places near universities that are set for accommodating many students. Here all the facilities are provided to the students at a schedule, and you don’t need to pay for other bills.


Always be extra careful while selecting such stays and search them from reliable sources on the Internet to get 24/7 security and other essential facilities with an affordable budget.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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